Work, Play, Slay

This class is taught by:

Samer A

Samer spent most of his life in Texas (growing up Austin, and then living in Dallas) before moving to the area to try something new (and mostly to escape the Texas heat!). He has co-founded and joined several software startups, always pursuing his passion for creating apps and software that help people be more empowered in their day. Once he discovered indoor cycling, he was immediately hooked— first becoming a daily rider, and then becoming an instructor to give back to the amazing community that helped him be more fit, feel more confident, and pursue his goals. His classes are all about pushing yourself and training your mind and body not to back down from challenges! (All with amazing, loud music of course).

Ashley W

Born and raised on Long Island, Ashley is a Registered Nurse with passion for working out. Her ambition to become a spin instructor became a reality when she launched her spin career at Prime Cycle. Ashley uses her commitment to health and wellness to inspire riders to become the best version of themselves on and off of the bike. But don’t let her LI accent fool you, Ashley’s ride will get your heart pumping to the beat of the music as you ride through one of her energetic playlists. Ashley invites you to respect, fuel, and challenge your body to its healthiest potential.

Yesenia D

Although Yesenia's beat-based, heart-pumping rides are all about pushing past your comfort zone, the most important thing, above all else, is having fun! While she's had a passion for health and wellness for as long as she can remember, Yesenia recently transitioned out of her 9-to-5 job to work in the fitness world full-time. When she's not teaching spin or finding new tunes to tap, press and "swoop" to on the bike, you'll likely find her taking a HIIT class, dancing, or sipping some rose or tequila. (Work hard, play hard, right?) Be sure to find this boss babe's class on the schedule, and in the meantime, follow her on Instagram.
Be pushed to the max, while you pedal to the beat of the music. When that beat drops be prepared to tap that booty back or drop it into that press. Get breathless with all sorts of jumps and sprints. Push against that resistance with hills that will set your thighs and calves on fire. This class will make you work hard so you can play hard and slay!