Alexa D

Alexa is a former 9-year National Team gymnast who loves to dance and have fun; but what Jersey girl doesn't? She attended college in Indiana where she studied Kinesiology and Exercise Science, however after graduation, Jersey pulled her back home. She now divides her time between coaching gymnastics and instructing at Prime. Her passion for fitness guarantees a strenuous workout while her high-spirited personality makes for a fun ride! She enjoys sharing her love of music with her classes, and will guide you to "catch the beat" while you pedal the miles and calories away. Get ready to experience her go-getter attitude, which will make you feel more motived than ever!

Alexa D instructs the following:
  • Rise and Ride
  • Kickstart your metabolism bright and early! Wake Up and start your day with a motivational, fun and challenging class that your body will thank you for for the rest of the day. Sweat It Out during this full body workout consisting of rhythmic moves and resistance training with an abdominal focus that is all choreographed to upbeat music from various genres! Rise up and Ride to the Rhythm!

  • Prime 30 EXPRESS
  • A motivating, challenging accomplishment.
    A high intensity 30 minute Prime Method ride to kick-start your day or finish off your afternoon! Expect heavy hills, quick sprints, rhythm riding and invigorating energy to pack your burn into 30 minutes!  (Prime 30 Express rides are only offered at the Prime Cycle Downtown Studio)

  • Rhythm BURN
  • Music is a motivator!  Alexa uses her knowledge of cycling to create a challenging, rhythmic ride to the beat of the music.  Her use of multiple music genres connects with various riders each class.  With her focus on form and posture, you are sure to get a hard working, safe ride!

  • A traditional 45-min cycling ride following the Prime Method. This class is FREE for first time riders. Inquire to add this free ride credit to your account. Any questions contact 

  • TURN UP 60
  • A 60 min Prime Method cycling class designed to make you sweat, boost your endorphins and increase your energy for the weekend! Throughout the class you will jump, sprint, climb and follow choreography that targets your core.  #SaturdaysAreForCycling so book your bike today!

  • Mommy, Me and Movement
  • A 6-week Mommy and Me program. Email to pre-register for the 6-Week program at the Downtown Studio.
    Children ages 2.0-3.5 years old will develop and refine locomotor movements and gross motor skills such as hopping, jumping, and marching in this 45 minute class. Children, with the assistance of a participating adult, will use objects and props to develop spatial awareness, balance and coordination skills that are age appropriate. With the use of music, children will be introduced to rhythmic movements completing individual and partner activities.