Stacy S

Stacy is a former "Corporate America" girl who now teaches Kindergarten here in Hoboken.

A dedicated rider, she fell in love with the high energy and relationships built out of group fitness classes. Stacy guarantees an inspiring, athletic and thoughtfully crafted ride which will absolutely challenge you.

"What you tell yourself everyday, will either lift you up or tear you down." Believe in yourself, for nothing is impossible!

Stacy S instructs the following:
  • Inner Fire Ride
  • A 45 min Prime Method Cycling class.  Unleash your inner fire during class with this challenging and motivating ride. 

  • Stamina 60
  • A 60min Prime Method Cycling class focusing on strength, endurance and power.

  • FIERCE 45
  • 45 minute Prime Method cycling class

  • A 45 Min Prime Method cycling class choreographed to the beat of the music. This time slot is free for first time riders but open to loyal and advance riders. Purchase the First Time Ride Special for $0 online to attend as a new client. 

  • The Ripped Ride
  • Total body workout focusing on sculpting the upper body, as well as, the lower body. Get ready for push-ups, sprints, jump intervals and climbs to work toward that "ripped" physique with Stacy S!