Karlene A

Karlene Antoine is a multifaceted fitness instructor and personal trainer. She's Crossfit, Kettlebell, TRX and Indoor/Power cycling certified and spent three years studying MMA and Boxing. Her passion for helping others has kept her happy in the fitness/wellness field for more than 10 years. Progress not perfection is the motto she lives by. Her previous acting experience brings a highly entertaining, fun-filled yet challenging adventure to each ride. So book your bike, set your goals and smash them with Karlene!!!

Karlene A instructs the following:
  • Relentless Ride
  • A 45 minute Prime Method ride which focuses on choreographed riding and weight resistance training. While pushing yourself to the limit, you will find the pursuit of happiness with Karlene's energy and motivation. 

  • Wednesday Win #WW
  • 45 minute Prime Method cycling class designed around rhythm riding.


  • FIERCE 45
  • 45 minute Prime Method cycling class

  • Weekend Warrior

  • Prime Power 60
  • Precision. Motivation. Energy. Dani's Prime Power 60 workout is 60 minutes of cycling that pushes you to the limit. She gives you a precise workout, motivates you along the way, and creates a group energy like no other. Her ride also focuses on your stats (RPMS and WATTS) from the beginning to end.  This is Dani's signature FIERCE45 Ride extended to 60 minutes for endurance.