Samer A

Samer spent most of his life in Texas (growing up Austin, and then living in Dallas) before moving to the area to try something new (and mostly to escape the Texas heat!). He has co-founded and joined several software startups, always pursuing his passion for creating apps and software that help people be more empowered in their day. Once he discovered indoor cycling, he was immediately hooked— first becoming a daily rider, and then becoming an instructor to give back to the amazing community that helped him be more fit, feel more confident, and pursue his goals. His classes are all about pushing yourself and training your mind and body not to back down from challenges! (All with amazing, loud music of course).

Samer A instructs the following:
  • Rush Ride
  • A 45 min. Prime method cycling class designed around rhythm riding and pushing you to your limits!

  • Prime Power
  • Prime Power is all about pushing your power to not only feeling stronger, but become stronger. You'll ride to the newest and hottest playlists that will have you lost in the beats making it feel like you've just powered through a party and had the time of your life doing it! Prime Power gives you a full body workout targeting fat burn and strength building, taking you through various choreography with Jane's energy to give you the motivation and focus to keep you crushing those goals!