Our February Challenge Winner, Meet Mary Miller Fazio...

What does it take to become a Prime Cycle challenge winner? 31 rides in 29 days will definitely get you there, including multiple doubles and four rides (yes four) in ONE day. We sat down with Mary this week, to learn a little more about her & how she defeated the February challenge...


Growing up, Mary was a team athlete, participating in rowing and cheerleading. Ever since, she has been drawn to cardio group classes. Mary thrives around people with positive energy and is inspired by music that truly moves you, physically and emotionally. With Prime Cycle offering her early morning classes, she can get in her exercise before work and before the family is even awake.

As Mary increasingly has become a Prime regular, she is working out more often, and  feels generally more happy and energized. She has met many engaging and accomplished people, reminding her what a special town Hoboken is.

We asked Mary about the day she did FOUR rides in one day...
"Honestly, I didn't set out to do four classes that day. Alexa's 6am is always a great wakeup call, and I had an opportunity to push my work schedule a little later, a rare gift. I hadn't yet had a class with Abbey, so I was excited for that experience. She did a visualization ride during one song. I envisioned myself cycling on a quiet, winding, countryside road, lined with tall, thick trees and warm streaming light. I shut my eyes and was able to really clear my mind. Knowing the Challenge was at hand, and that many Prime members ride almost daily, I sensed if I had any shot to get in the lead, that was my opportunity. Dani's classes were next, and she is a master at channeling your mental focus so that you almost don't feel how hard you are working. I went for it!"

After her "marathon ride" Mary was surprisingly not too stiff, taking stretching extremely seriously, she spends extra time stretching after each class. Mary rewarded herself on the last day of the challenge with a 90 minute deep tissue massage, and throughout the month, she did splurge a bit more on favorite foods and ice cream. 

After the challenge was over we wanted to know how Mary was feeling.  "Once I started riding almost every day, I could feel that I broke through a plateau. Then when I did my first double, I broke through another and it felt incredible. I plan to keep pushing into a family vacation in a couple weeks, at which point I will sit on the beach with a frozen drink and just relax, together..."

{It's amazing what your body can do and how far you can push it. Keep striving to be the best you can be riders!}


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