Spring into new Smoothie recipes!

Spring has finally sprung bringing us busy schedules that require a healthy meal on the go. We asked our inspiring instructors to share their recipes for a quick & easy smoothie or post workout snack.

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"When I do not have the time to sit down for breakfast, my smoothie is the perfect go to before starting my day"
-Protein Powder with Spirulina 
-Rice milk
-Dried Coconut
-2 dates
-Nori Powder
-Chia seeds

"Breakfast on the go & my perfect post workout meal"
-Vanilla whey protein
-1/2 Banana 
-1 splash of almond milk
-1 tsp of Honey

"I enjoy my smoothie right after my 6am "Rise and Ride" class & lasts me until lunch time!"
-Frozen strawberries
-Frozen bananas
-Plain greek yogurt
-Black chia seeds
-Hemp seeds
-Flax seeds 

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"My perfect post work out meal!"
-Vanilla Shakeology 
-1/2 Banana 
-Almond milk

Kelly M
"My Go-to breakfast meal before work! It keeps me full!"
-1 Cup of Almond milk
-Trader Joes whey chocolate protein
-As much spinach that I can put in my blender! 

"I always enjoy my smoothie in the morning to start the day off well!
-1 Cucumber
-4 celery sticks
-2 apples
-6-8 kale (Tuscan cabbage) leaves
-1/2 lemon
-1 in (2.5cm) piece of ginger

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Do YOU have favorite combinations for your smoothies? Click on this blog's title to comment below with your ingredients to share!