A Day in The Life of Alexa D...

{Thursday May 26}
Alexa is not only an instructor at Prime Cycle, she is also our assistant manager here at Prime Cycle! Being that her instructing schedule varies by day, so do her work hours. Below, check out what a day is like for Alexa D...


We chose Thursday, which is the only day Alexa wakes up with sunlight coming through her windows! Some people ask, how do people workout before the sun rises?... Alexa responds, “how do people not?!? “You wake up, get to the studio and once you are on the bike there is no concept of time! You work, you push and you make progress while others are still asleep – there is no better feeling of success”.

After class, Alexa helps staff clean the studio and begins to prepare her breakfast. “I like to start my day with a cup of green tea, a serving of plain, greek yogurt and a side of strawberries.  I feel like the refrigerator in the office is sometimes my own”, she jokes.

While the 9am class is all checked in and the ride begins, Alexa reviews her ride map and toning plan for the 10:15am hybrid class ‘Pump and Ride’.  Back at it again, she buckles those shoes and clips back to the bike!

11:15am strikes and she is done teaching for the day… or though she thought.

For the rest of the afternoon, Alexa and Corinne worked together to keep Prime Cycle on track. With different strengths, they divide up the tasks ranging from email responses, bike mechanics, retail management and number crunching.  “Each day is a surprise! Yesterday, specifically, the evening instructor experienced a conflict and around 2pm Corinne and myself brainstormed together and made it work! It doesn’t matter how many classes I teach as long as the riders get in their planned workout! They push me to keep going and I would never want to leave them hanging!”

With about an hour to spare, Alexa starts her 25-minute walk home to eat a quick lunch and begin to babysit for a local family at 3:00pm.  Having to cut the session short, Alexa begins her walk back uptown to get the studio ready for the evening class! As an instructor, repeating a playlist is something Alexa tries to avoid, so she used her walk to compile a new list.  “Once I turned off the lights, heard my new playlist and started to pedal, I got in the zone. After that final sprint, I WAS DONE! My riders cheered with success and the feeling of accomplishment filled the room”.

Starting that walk back downtown after class, all Alexa thought was “I am SO beating my boyfriend in the ‘workweek hustle’ fit bit challenge right now”. 

Up next for Alexa? Dinner on the couch, meal prep for Friday and some quality roommate time watching TV. 

5:30am – Alarm set to wake up to teach 7am Rise and Ride
6:30am – Arrive at studio
7:00am – Rise and Ride
7:45am – 10:00am  Work the front desk, eat breakfast and finalize playlist for Pump and Ride
10:15am – 11:15am Pump and Ride
11:15am – 2:00pm Management TIME!
3:00pm – 5:30pm Babysit
6:00pm  Arrive at Studio
630pm – 7:15pm Sub for FEIRCE45
8:00pm Back to the apartment
10:00pm Goodnight

Breath, Stretch & Cycle: The Body's Physical Relationship To Mental Health

Did you know that besides burning calories and getting the ultimate total body workout, indoor cycling also helps you mentally? With May being Mental Awareness Month lets motivate each other to get our minds stronger as well as our bodies... 


Aerobic exercise {cycling} can have a large positive impact on depression, anxiety, ADHD, and more. Regularly riding your bike helps keep hormones like adrenaline and cortisol in check, which means you'll feel less stressed and you'll bounce back from anxiety-filled situations more easily. Cycling also improves memory, helps you sleep better and overall puts you in an awesome mood!

What's the cycling prescription for happiness? Studies have shown that by doing three to five sessions a week, 45 to 60 minutes long, and keeping your heart rate between 50 and 85 percent of your max will kick those blues away. Of course, that's just a minimum recommendation - go ahead and ride to your heart and mind's content.

{Spinning makes your smarter?! Sign me up for a class!} In a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, scientists found that people scored higher on tests of memory, reasoning, and planning after 30 minutes of spinning on a stationary bike than they did before they rode. They also completed the tests faster after pedaling, thats outstanding!

Book your bike now riders!!

Riders of The Month: Meet Kelly Dunn & Heather Saydah...

Starting in March of 2015 with a combined total of 550 visits, Heather Saydah & Kelly Dunn are not kidding around when it comes to fitness. Last Sunday they ran the Hoboken Hoha 5 mile race, so of course I had to sit down and ask them a couple questions!

                                        image2 (1)_copy     IMG_0001 (1)

: What do you love about Prime Cycle?

KD: I love the instructors and the energy. I feel like Prime has become my happy place. Everyone who works at the studio is friendly and I feel like I've joined a family.
HS: What don't I love about it? If I had to pick one thing, I would have to say the people. The instructors always inspire me to push a little harder, and the atmosphere is always friendly and supportive. I thrive on the group's energy in class. I love that you can make the workout your own, but also feel like we're all in it together.

PRIME CYCLE:Did Prime help you change in a better way? & why?  
KD: Prime has helped me get my pre baby body and energy back. Indoor cycling is something I've enjoyed doing for a long time! Being able to experience a full body workout in less then an hour is empowering. Prime has also given my husband and I a workout that we can enjoy and do together.  
HS: Absolutely! Prime took me from once-a-week workouts to daily or twice a day. There is very little impact on my joints, but lots of calorie burn and most importantly, it's fun. I now look forward to working out and the confidence I have gained through spinning has inspired me to try new workouts like barre and distance running.

: What Motivates you both to get up & come in for the early AM classes?

I'm motivated by the fact that my workout is done. Being a working mom trying to find the time to workout was tough in the beginning.  If someone told me a year ago that a 6 am workout would be in my cards I'd say NO WAY! Now, I love it; feel lost when I don't workout in the morning. I go to work more level headed and feel less stressed.
It's a combination of looking forward to Alexa D and Kelly M.'s playlists and routines, knowing that Kelly Dunn will be there but then wondering what happened to me if I don't show up!

PRIME CYCLE: Who inspires you?
KD: My Daughter! I want her to know that being healthy is important and working out is fun not a chore.  

HS: Julie, when she swears in class! I also love Alexa's music choices, and nothing beats getting called out by Kelly, Stacy, or Dani for hitting those numbers during a sprint. Those are the moments where I work the hardest.

PRIME CYCLE:You both did the Hoha 5 mile race! How did you do? How did you train for it & did Prime Cycle help with the training as well?
KD: Considering that I never ran and never really enjoyed running this was a big achievement. Heather asked me if I wanted to do a training program through Fleet Feet and I said sure why not. I had run the Hobooken 5k in October with no training and the weather was getting nicer so I thought it would be a great addition to my normal workouts. I didn't run any more then once a week and was able to finish the race in under 50 mins, which was how long it had taken me during practice runs. From the first training I ran continuously as opposed to the run-walk option. This allowed me over the 10 weeks to gain my running confidence. Prime was my key cardio workout and I think helped me a lot in being prepared for the race.
We both beat our speed goals! We finished the race within a minute of one another, which I'm sure was the result of training together. Every Tuesday night, we met with our running group at Fleet Feet and then hit Alexa's class at 6am Wednesday morning.
This isn't the first race we have run together - we also ran the Hoboken 5k. It was the first race I had run in a year and I only ran a few times leading up to it. I was surprised to learn that regular spinning had shaved 2 minutes off my mile pace. Prime increased my endurance and built up my quads, hamstrings, and glutes, making me a much stronger runner.

PRIME CYCLE: What is your favorite song to ride to?
KD: I love pop music; I don't have a favorite song. Julie's playlists are usually my favorite
HS: This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan, but any 90s hip hop is cool with me

What do you like better?

KD: Saddle 
HS: Sprint in 3rd! If you hover over the saddle just right, you get great speed.

KD: Both!
HS: Push ups, all day long. My arms look fantastic thanks to Prime!
KD: Climb all the way
I'm a resistance junky. The first class I really committed to was Kelly's Saturday at 7:30 (now 7:15), and her signature heavy jumps hooked me on the resistance

Instructor Spotlight: Meet Fierce Mommy & Instructor, Stacy Stinson..

What inspires of our instructors? Well,I sat down for some Q&A with one of our talented instructors and fierce Mother of three, Stacy! Lets get inspired riders..

                                                            Prime Cycle Photo Shoot Feb 2016-Instructors-0013_copy

 Fitness has always been a big part of Stacy's life. She trains everyday by breaking it down by body part. However, not being a fan of the never ending treadmill run, she decided to take her first spin class. Well, that is all it took and Stacy was hooked. After spinning for sometime, and being very passionate about it, she decided to get certified to teach classes. Stacy wanted to incorporate training and cardio into one ride, pushing her to pursue that passion.

 At home Stacy's children inspire her to be the best that she can be; they think that their mom is invincible. At Prime Cycle, Daniela inspires her to not be afraid to try new things and be creative with her ride so her personality shines through. Dani's words motivate Stacy to work hard to become better each and every day. Her riders (YOU) influence her to be the best she can be. Your kind words and compliments after class or emails are really what keeps an instructor inspired to bring more to each class.

 Stacy is all about anti-aging. Don't get her wrong, she does believe in aging gracefully. However, she also believes that healthy living and exercise are two major components to keep you looking and feeling young.

Fun Facts about Stacy:
Her favorite color: Navy blue.
Her favorite movie: Rocky 4, his training part is the best!
Her favorite food: Anything Italian...

 Stacy would like all her riders to know that she is inspired by your energy and hard work. As long as you are persistent you will achieve your goals but it is by being consistent that they will keep them! Ride On!

{Check Stacy Out on Tuesday nights 6:30, Wednesday nights 7:30 & Saturday 11am, substitutes Sundays at 8:30}

BeautyCounter Tips with Our Rider, Amber Swanson...

Earlier in the week we sat down with one of our devoted riders &  Senior Consultant for BeautyCounter, Amber Swanson. We wanted to share some of the fabulous things about this friendly beauty company that everyone on the street is talking about...

Exercise is obviously such a big component of overall health and wellbeing.  But what we put ON our bodies is so important as well.  That's why I jumped on the Beautycounter bandwagon!  Its a beauty brand that puts safety first while still maintaining a high level of efficacy.  Nerd comes an astounding fact.  On a daily basis, women use an average of 12 personal care products containing 168 ingredients.  Of those 168 ingredients, so many have the potential to be toxic and therefore harmful to your health, particularly with prolonged use.  This includes exposure through your makeup.

There is a big misconception that every natural ingredient is "good" and every synthetic one is "bad."  Heavy metals, for example, can be naturally occurring, but often contaminate the colorants that cosmetic companies use.  Lead, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic are four of the biggest offenders.  That perfect shade of red lipstick that you can't live without may actually have lead in it!!  So to answer a common question, our products aren't all natural, as they do contain some synthetic ingredients, but that isn't as awful as it sounds.  

As for my fave cosmetic product, our Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer is my go-to winner.  I've never been a huge fan of foundation, but the Dew Skin is amazing.  Its lightweight and super sheer, leaving the skin with a dewy glow (hence the name!).  It also has SPF 20, so I love that I have daily sun protection.  If you don't believe me, ask resident spin instructor extraordinaire, Julie Insogna...she's a big fan of this product!! It was one of Allure Magazine's Best of Beauty 2015 winners!


  {If you're interested in checking out BeautyCounter products, Contact Amber Swanson: or}