Riders of The Month: Meet Kelly Dunn & Heather Saydah...

Starting in March of 2015 with a combined total of 550 visits, Heather Saydah & Kelly Dunn are not kidding around when it comes to fitness. Last Sunday they ran the Hoboken Hoha 5 mile race, so of course I had to sit down and ask them a couple questions!

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: What do you love about Prime Cycle?

KD: I love the instructors and the energy. I feel like Prime has become my happy place. Everyone who works at the studio is friendly and I feel like I've joined a family.
HS: What don't I love about it? If I had to pick one thing, I would have to say the people. The instructors always inspire me to push a little harder, and the atmosphere is always friendly and supportive. I thrive on the group's energy in class. I love that you can make the workout your own, but also feel like we're all in it together.

PRIME CYCLE:Did Prime help you change in a better way? & why?  
KD: Prime has helped me get my pre baby body and energy back. Indoor cycling is something I've enjoyed doing for a long time! Being able to experience a full body workout in less then an hour is empowering. Prime has also given my husband and I a workout that we can enjoy and do together.  
HS: Absolutely! Prime took me from once-a-week workouts to daily or twice a day. There is very little impact on my joints, but lots of calorie burn and most importantly, it's fun. I now look forward to working out and the confidence I have gained through spinning has inspired me to try new workouts like barre and distance running.

: What Motivates you both to get up & come in for the early AM classes?

I'm motivated by the fact that my workout is done. Being a working mom trying to find the time to workout was tough in the beginning.  If someone told me a year ago that a 6 am workout would be in my cards I'd say NO WAY! Now, I love it; feel lost when I don't workout in the morning. I go to work more level headed and feel less stressed.
It's a combination of looking forward to Alexa D and Kelly M.'s playlists and routines, knowing that Kelly Dunn will be there but then wondering what happened to me if I don't show up!

PRIME CYCLE: Who inspires you?
KD: My Daughter! I want her to know that being healthy is important and working out is fun not a chore.  

HS: Julie, when she swears in class! I also love Alexa's music choices, and nothing beats getting called out by Kelly, Stacy, or Dani for hitting those numbers during a sprint. Those are the moments where I work the hardest.

PRIME CYCLE:You both did the Hoha 5 mile race! How did you do? How did you train for it & did Prime Cycle help with the training as well?
KD: Considering that I never ran and never really enjoyed running this was a big achievement. Heather asked me if I wanted to do a training program through Fleet Feet and I said sure why not. I had run the Hobooken 5k in October with no training and the weather was getting nicer so I thought it would be a great addition to my normal workouts. I didn't run any more then once a week and was able to finish the race in under 50 mins, which was how long it had taken me during practice runs. From the first training I ran continuously as opposed to the run-walk option. This allowed me over the 10 weeks to gain my running confidence. Prime was my key cardio workout and I think helped me a lot in being prepared for the race.
We both beat our speed goals! We finished the race within a minute of one another, which I'm sure was the result of training together. Every Tuesday night, we met with our running group at Fleet Feet and then hit Alexa's class at 6am Wednesday morning.
This isn't the first race we have run together - we also ran the Hoboken 5k. It was the first race I had run in a year and I only ran a few times leading up to it. I was surprised to learn that regular spinning had shaved 2 minutes off my mile pace. Prime increased my endurance and built up my quads, hamstrings, and glutes, making me a much stronger runner.

PRIME CYCLE: What is your favorite song to ride to?
KD: I love pop music; I don't have a favorite song. Julie's playlists are usually my favorite
HS: This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan, but any 90s hip hop is cool with me

What do you like better?

KD: Saddle 
HS: Sprint in 3rd! If you hover over the saddle just right, you get great speed.

KD: Both!
HS: Push ups, all day long. My arms look fantastic thanks to Prime!
KD: Climb all the way
I'm a resistance junky. The first class I really committed to was Kelly's Saturday at 7:30 (now 7:15), and her signature heavy jumps hooked me on the resistance


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