A Day in The Life of Alexa D...

{Thursday May 26}
Alexa is not only an instructor at Prime Cycle, she is also our assistant manager here at Prime Cycle! Being that her instructing schedule varies by day, so do her work hours. Below, check out what a day is like for Alexa D...


We chose Thursday, which is the only day Alexa wakes up with sunlight coming through her windows! Some people ask, how do people workout before the sun rises?... Alexa responds, “how do people not?!? “You wake up, get to the studio and once you are on the bike there is no concept of time! You work, you push and you make progress while others are still asleep – there is no better feeling of success”.

After class, Alexa helps staff clean the studio and begins to prepare her breakfast. “I like to start my day with a cup of green tea, a serving of plain, greek yogurt and a side of strawberries.  I feel like the refrigerator in the office is sometimes my own”, she jokes.

While the 9am class is all checked in and the ride begins, Alexa reviews her ride map and toning plan for the 10:15am hybrid class ‘Pump and Ride’.  Back at it again, she buckles those shoes and clips back to the bike!

11:15am strikes and she is done teaching for the day… or though she thought.

For the rest of the afternoon, Alexa and Corinne worked together to keep Prime Cycle on track. With different strengths, they divide up the tasks ranging from email responses, bike mechanics, retail management and number crunching.  “Each day is a surprise! Yesterday, specifically, the evening instructor experienced a conflict and around 2pm Corinne and myself brainstormed together and made it work! It doesn’t matter how many classes I teach as long as the riders get in their planned workout! They push me to keep going and I would never want to leave them hanging!”

With about an hour to spare, Alexa starts her 25-minute walk home to eat a quick lunch and begin to babysit for a local family at 3:00pm.  Having to cut the session short, Alexa begins her walk back uptown to get the studio ready for the evening class! As an instructor, repeating a playlist is something Alexa tries to avoid, so she used her walk to compile a new list.  “Once I turned off the lights, heard my new playlist and started to pedal, I got in the zone. After that final sprint, I WAS DONE! My riders cheered with success and the feeling of accomplishment filled the room”.

Starting that walk back downtown after class, all Alexa thought was “I am SO beating my boyfriend in the ‘workweek hustle’ fit bit challenge right now”. 

Up next for Alexa? Dinner on the couch, meal prep for Friday and some quality roommate time watching TV. 

5:30am – Alarm set to wake up to teach 7am Rise and Ride
6:30am – Arrive at studio
7:00am – Rise and Ride
7:45am – 10:00am  Work the front desk, eat breakfast and finalize playlist for Pump and Ride
10:15am – 11:15am Pump and Ride
11:15am – 2:00pm Management TIME!
3:00pm – 5:30pm Babysit
6:00pm  Arrive at Studio
630pm – 7:15pm Sub for FEIRCE45
8:00pm Back to the apartment
10:00pm Goodnight


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