100 Miles From Philadelphia to Atlantic City. Meet Century Rider, James Russo...

100 miles of pure outdoor cycling, WOW. This past weekend, Prime Cycle rider James Russo, participated in the "Bridge To The Beach" Bike-A-Thon, starting in Philadelphia and finishing at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ. He teamed up with The American Water Team, who raised $11,195 contributing towards the $1,339,940.40 The American Cancer Society raised that day. With June being Men's Health Awareness Month, I was very excited to interview him for this weeks blog. Read more about how James prepared for the race and how it felt to cycle for 100 miles.

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-What was your training schedule like & how long did it take you to prepare for the race?

Monday to Friday, I cycled or spun every day for up to an hour with target power and heart rate goals.  On the weekends, I cycled upstate around Greenwood Lake, Wanaque Reservoir and out to as far as Woodbury Commons - weather and schedule permitting.  When I can't get road time on the weekend, I love to stack classes -  Dani's Weekend Warrior plus Prime Power 60 on a Saturday AM or Dani's Sunday Survivor and Julie's Power Hour on Sunday - combined and spinning through the break you can crank 2K calories out with an average heart rate at 165-170 and power peaks in the 400s.  Keep in mind that a century ride may burn as much as 7k calories in 6 hours (20-21mph plus water stops)

-Did you hit any walls during the race, if so, what motivated you to keep going? 

Your limits are always explored on a century ride..  For me it's usually a strong headwind or excessive climbing routes.. There are segments where you feel like you're back at prime on gear 10 pumping 450 Watts with Dani yelling that you can do more 900 club!!! What gets me through is focusing on my breathing.  Sometimes you have to focus on the simplicity of  breathing (and form) to move beyond the wall.  Consider spending some time in meditation out by the river with Prime's own instructor Ava.  You'll be amazed where and when a meditation form can be used!

-How did Prime Cycle help?

The energy and team at Prime is incredible.  You can get lost in the music at the back of the room or explore mindfulness on a bike with Ava. The great thing is the variety of classes, music and classes.  My eyes open and I'm excited to hit a 5:45am class before work.

After the race James ended up coming in on Tuesday morning for Ava's 7am Mindful cycle class... how did he feel?! 
"Rested. After a day off on Monday it was great being in her class finding mental and physical balance again."

James also rides on the BNY Mellon team for the October Bike MS NY event each year. That century is a challenging event that starts on a pier in mid town, comes through the Holland Tunnel, passes PRIME CYCLE on its way north past the Tappan Zee Bridge before turning inland for a long loop that eventually leads the rider back over the GWB and back down the west side to the starting point on the river at 54th street.

For more info on the Bike MS event or if you're considering contributing please visit:    

James Russo is a dedicated rider at Prime, who brightens the room with his self-motivation, social personality and fierce accomplishments inside and outside of the studio! James is also getting married to his fiancé this weekend, who is also a dedicated rider to Prime!
                                            {Congratulations Jacqueline & James!!}


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