Instructor Spotlight: Meet Non-Profit Charity Founder & Our Instructor, Abbey LeVine!

She started a Non-Profit organization, has her own podcast show and is one of our amazing instructors here at Prime Cycle. Abbey LeVine's life is anything but boring. This women of action opened up to us about her life in California, moments with Lady Gaga & her amazing pup...

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-Where were you born & raised?

ABBEY: I was born and raised in Simsbury, CT near Hartford, and am the oldest of four girls. My dad loves sports, so we are all healthy and athletic. In high school, I was the captain of my crew team.

- You lived in California for awhile, how was it living on the west coast?
ABBEY: After college, I moved to LA to pursue my career in television. I've been producing talk shows, documentaries and reality shows for over two decades. One of my favorite shoots was when I had the opportunity to spend four days with Lady Gaga in Australia. I also had a fascinating experience directing shows in prisons. I've been into 18 maximum security prisons all over the US. My favorite talk show host is Bill Maher. He still remembers my name when we see each other. Really smart guy. I was in LA for 15 years but am very happy to be in NYC since 2010, closer to home -- and my people!

-What made you want to become an indoor cycling instructor?
ABBEY: I first taught spinning at Bodies In Motion in LA starting in 1999, after I ran the LA marathon. I couldn't walk for 3 days after the marathon and thought it was probably not the best exercise for me anymore! I'm back in the saddle thanks to the unstoppable Julie I, who invited me to teach at Prime after we took a cycle class together in Miami while working together on a TV show!

-What else do you do besides instruct at Prime?
ABBEY: LOL. I wear a lot of hats. Besides TV, I host a radio show/podcast called LeVine Intervention, offering humor, perspective and advice answering questions you're too afraid to ask your mother. It's a little racy, but appeals to my talk show background. Ultimately, I'd like to get the podcast syndicated internationally. You can find my podcasts on iTunes or at levineintervention.nyc. When I am not working, I have nieces that I love to spoil. My favorite thing to do with them is go to Enchantments in the East Village and teach them how to cast good spells!

-Tell us about your charity!
ABBEY: I run a non-profit called Spread the Sparkle that hosts events on holidays for people that don't have families or anywhere else to be. Spreadthesparkle.org has organized events on Mother's Day, Christmas and Easter for over 250 women and children who have survived domestic violence. We partner with Barrier Free Living to populate the events. This has become a very special part of my world because I feel that I am leaving a legacy of love. Next year, we are expanding into LA and Tennessee. I co-founded it in 2014 with my friend Brenda after I had hosted a Christmas Eve dinner for "city orphans", (mainly my friends and friends of friends) and realized how many people don't have anywhere to be on holidays. Brenda and I had both always wanted to volunteer on holidays, but most non-profits are closed, so we started one that isn't. Spread the Sparkle seems to make volunteers as happy as the attendees, because people love to be a part of our events. They are very special.

-What is your favorite thing to do with Mr. Paulie Meatballs?
ABBEY: I have a furry son. His name is Mr. Paulie Meatballs and he is a ham! I rescued Paulie 2 years ago from a dog shelter. He has starred in a commercial for a technology company called 4C and seems to make friends wherever he goes. We love to go to the beach in the summer and swim in lakes upstate.

-What is your favorite country you ever visited?
ABBEY: Oh this is a tough question. I'm going to say it is either Brazil or Kenya. Both because of the people and how it feels being in the country. As soon as I stepped foot in Kenya, I felt the immense sacred energy from that land and the soul of their communities. There is such history in Kenya. Not to mention - who doesn't love a place where you can see wild roaming zebras, lions and rhinos! Brazil has deep positive energy expressed through samba music, really fresh food and such passion.

-Favorite Food:
ABBEY: Sushi. Although I eat something green at every meal and could survive on broccoli with garlic if I had to, fresh fish creatively combined with that yummy crunch of the seaweed and some spicy soy sauce. YUM! (I'm a total foodie and actually geek out on recipes)

-What do you enjoy doing on your time off?
ABBEY: Wandering the streets of NYC in the summer, cooking, hiking, visiting friends and believe it or not, dating. I am recently single and am having a blast meeting men -- mostly because it's so terrifying to date, but I love overcoming my fears!

-Do you have a favorite place to bike in NYC?
ABBEY: Along the Hudson River. I live in Tribeca and use my bike to get everywhere and anywhere in the city. I even biked to Harlem for brunch last weekend. But the Hudson River Parkway is the most beautiful part of the city, with so many incredible parks. I appreciate every square inch of NYC, especially along the river.

Favorite color
Red. Love and abundance

-Which do you prefer?

Tap back or Press- Press! These little movements we do in class, really work! My arms are so much stronger since starting to teach at Prime and I really hope my rider's arms are too!
Climb or sprint - Oh I love a good sprint with resistance and then taking it off.

Final words from Abbey - "I am so grateful to be part of the Prime Cycle family. Our riders are so dedicated to their well being and engaged in the classes. The Prime Method of riding on the beat and combining upper body moves is the best of all the top studios. And the management and staff at Prime is so loving, so supportive and so kick ass!"

              Take a Boss Ride with Abbey on Monday and Tuesday Mornings at 7:00AM!


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