Acai You Summer...Healthy Summer Finds In The Mile Sqaure

Labor Day may be around the corner but Summer is not over yet riders! With tempertures still reaching to the mid 90s, ice cream is a great way to cool off..but is there a healthier option?! I'm sure most of you have noticed that Hoboken is jumping on the health craze with juice shops and acai bowl stands. I'm not going to lie, I LOVE IT! With the gorgeous week that we had, I decided to walk around and try out a few of the new places in town!

Acai Ya Later!
Bringing Brazil to Hoboken! It's the adorable little tiki stand right next to Walgreens on 100 Washington giving you the most powerful superfoods in the world. They have three different acai bowls to chose while also giving you the option to "build your own." I grabbed the Tropical Fruit Washington St. Bowl, made with Pinapples, strawberries, banana, kiwi, granola, coconut flakes, chia seeds & agave {you have the option to chose honey or agave} After Kelly M's class on was the PERFECT post workout meal!{It's extremely filling as well!}

FullSizeRender_copy20Simply JuicedOrganic and locally farmed, Simply Juiced has a wide range of Raw, Vegan and GF Juices to select from. Located right downtown on Willow & First Street, they use the pressed juice method rather then blended for easier digestion. If you're not in the mood for a juice they also have a great selection of meals and snacks sush as the out of this world kale chips. "The Green Dream" is honestly one of the best smoothies in town, it kept me full for hours! Made with banana, Kale, brazil nut butter, vanilla extract, dates, Rice protein and almond milk - also making it a great post workout meal. They offer mini smoothies if you just want something small or perfect for your little one! {Bonus, they are pup friendly as well!}

Total Health Kitchen
Located at 322 Washington Street, this is a great go to for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have ajuice-spa-buddha-press-opens-in-hoboken-a274b9681cef5906_copy great selection of Acai bowls and juices. The Rainbow Acai Bowl and The Crazy Banana Bowl are the top two popular bowls at Total Health Kitchen. The Rainbow Acai Bowl is a banana strawberry base with pinapples, bluberries, honey, granola and strawberries. It tasted like a healthier version of strawberry ice cream... I definitely recommend trying it!

Meet Our Resident Blogger Kelly O

You've probably seen Kelly's friendly face on the reg at Prime, but did you know she is also our resident blogger?!? Living and working in Hoboken for almost 6 years has her fingers on the pulse of all things relative in Hoboken! This week, the managers have hacked the blog and turned the spotlight on her!

Check out what makes Kelly LOVE Hoboken and embrace the small town culture.

Why do you like living/working in Hoboken??
How many years have you lived here?I Love how easy it is to get everywhere! Since it is only a mile square, traveling by foot isn't the end of the world. This month marks SIX years that I've lived here in this fabulous town. I still love that my old landlord & mail man from my first year living here still goes out of their way to say hello to me & always asks how Bailey {her dog} is doing. I love the small town hoboken feel!

What are your fave spots for food/hair/shopping?

-I'm a huge fan of Mikie Squared on 6th on Washington {It has been my friends and I's go to spot since day one...sangria Sunday!}I also love the make your own salad selection at Stewed Cow on 4th & Adams.
-My best friend Nicole has been my hairdresser since 2009. We worked at the same salon here in Hoboken for about a year & I've been going to her at The Beauty Parlor on 4th &washington since 2011. Check Nicole out! She does amazing work!
-Dear Hannah is one of my favorite places to shop! She has the best accessories that go along perfectly with all of her clothing & she always has the latest trends from pinapple gold phone cases to blanket scarves & shes a friend of mine
Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 9.27.22 AM_copy
I know you have 2 dogs. Where are your favorite dog friendly spots in Hoboken?
Yes! Bailey & Diesel LOVE walking around town. Bailey is a Black Lab & Diesel is a Boston Terrier. The dog park under the viaduct is one of their favorites because it has a plastic kiddie pool & a tunnel for them to run through. They also enjoy roaming around Stevens Campus & play ball near the tennis courts. Of course they love to stop by Prime Cycle to say hello to the staff.

Bike Share came to Hoboken within the past year. How helpful is the bike option to get to and from Prime?
I love the Hoboken Bike Share!! It has been one of the best things that has come to town. I'm huge about protecting our environment so I'm very pleased our town jumped on the band wagon. I use it everyday to ride to Prime Cycle. It comes in handy when I have to be there at 5:15am... it's only a 6 min bike ride from my apartment on Jefferson!

How has working at Prime Cycle for almost two years influenced your feeling of community in the Mile Square?
Well I've actually been working in Hoboken since 2009 as a hairdresser, as well as, a couple other businesses in town. However, working in uptown Hoboken has been my favorite; you can't beat the view from the Prime Cycle waterfront! I enjoy coming into work & watching the sun rise as I check in clients. I also love the relationships I have developed with families & clients. Bonus...I can walk or use the bike share to get myself to & from cant beat that! 

Name three adjective that describe Hoboken to you!
1. Charming
2. Enthusiastic

Signing Off,
Corinne, G.M.
Alexa, A.M.

From Running to Cycling. Rider Spot Light, Antoine Clement...

One of our dedicated riders since our first class held here at Prime Cycle, Antoine Clement was very pleased to have a spin studio come into our town of Hoboken. Using spin classes as his cross training, Antoine recently participated in New Jersey State Triathlon, competing along with 3,500 other athletes. Along with the triathlon he also competed in many other races (including a marathon in Paris!) and we found out why Prime Cycle helped him...

EXACTLY 9 years ago (Aug 2007), when I turned 40, a bit overweight like most turning 40, I decided to pick up running. It was hard. I couldn’t run 5 minutes; literally.
But I stuck with it; persevered and 3 months later ran my first 5k race.

I’m always trying to push for a new challenge, so:
A year later, I ran my first 10k
The following year (Sept. 2009), ran my first 1/2 Marathon
Few months later, I ran my first Marathon
In January 2012, four years after not being able to run 5 minutes, I ran the Goofy Challenge in Orlando which consists of running a 1/2 Marathon on Saturday and Full Marathon on Sunday.

I ran a few more halfs and full Marathons, but I started to get injured on a regular basis. Running daily wasn’t an option anymore. So, I adopted the FIRST training plan which calls for as much cross-training days as running days. Cycling just entered my training regiment.

Three years ago, I moved to Hoboken from Montreal and finding an accessible and SAFE bike route was not easy in this urban jungle and therefore, rarely rode my bike.

Then, Prime Cycle opened at Maxwell Place. It made a huge difference and made my cross-training so much easier.
Much easier to fit in my calendar and strategically placed when weather (too hot or too cold) is less than ideal to run or ride outside.
It is quite a workout. Honestly, when I went to my first « free » class, the opening week… I was almost sure I wouldn’t like it.
I usually hate the gym, I usually hate being inside. Also, I thought « that’s not for men ». Boy, was I wrong and I didn’t think I would like it that much! To the point of going to Prime Cycle religiously once a week at least. It is a big part of my physical and mental readiness.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, I completed my first Triathlon (the Olympic distance) …and I survived !

But it was actually a test…. In the spirit of finding new challenges, I have registered for the 2017 Half Ironman in Tremblant, to « celebrate" my 50th birthday.

Prime Cycle will be a huge part of my training and preparedness… After all, I will need to power through 56 miles between the swim and the half Marathon!

Awesome job Antoine!!

The 2016 Summer Olympics Are Finally Here & We Are Ready!

Tonight is the 2016 Summer Olympic Opening ceremony in Rio, with more than 11,000 Athletes, they are determined to bring home the gold for their countries. With 39 Olympic sports there will be over 306 events over the span of 19 days. Here at Prime Cycle we are READY for the USA to bring home the Gold. Check out what events our instructors are looking forward to, as well as their favorite Olympian! 


 I asked all of our fabulous instructors the same questions...
-What is one of your favorite memorable Olympic moments throughout history?
-Who is your favorite Olympic athlete past or present? & Why?
-What sport are you looking forward to watch?
-Where do you plan on watching the Olympic games?
 {You'll be interested to see what events these fierce ladies are cheering for}

-I think the 2012 Women's Gymnastics team was one of the most thrilling teams to watch. They were the best group I have seen in my life!
-Well I am dating myself here but Mary Lou Retton, for me, is the best woman is gymnastics history. Her confidence, her skills and technique were always flawless.
-I am excited for gymnastics & will make time to watch them!

-Gabby Douglas! She's the first African American woman in Olympic history to become the individual all-around champion, and the first American gymnast to win gold in both categories.
-I'm looking forward to watching Simone biles and the Women's gymnastics team at home.

-Mary Lou Retton as the first US female to win an all around gold medal! I don't remember watching her live but her performance made her one of the best athletes in US history and is one that will always be remembered.
-Gabby Douglas from London 2012 as one of the Fierce 5 who took the leap at 16 years old and ended up defeating two Russians to become the champion. Who am most excited to watch ? Laurie Hernandez (NJ gymnastics age 16) and Sydney McLaughlin (track and field age 16) who are some of the youngest athletes participating in the 2016 olympics. These young athletes are always so inspiring.
-Soccer, Track and Field and Gymnastics have always been my favorite Olympic sports to watch..
-I will be cheering on the USA on my couch with a glass of wine!

-All of Michael Phelps amazing accomplishments. Including the London Olympics after winning a record breaking 19th olympic medal in the 200 meter freestyle relay.
-Florence Griffith Joyner....she is a really tough chick
-I am looking forward to watching the Track and Field, as well as, swimming at home

-Dominque Moceanu because I got to watch her grow up in the sport of Gymnastics. I gained more appreciation for her dedication and her drive after reading her Memoir "Off Balance". I also met her at a book signing and she was so compassionate and took the time to talk to me about the sport, my past experiences with gymnastics and shared stories about her children!
-Gymnastics is my number one. I also love diving, swimming and beach volleyball!
-I will be watching the games in the comfort of my apartment! I like to focus on the team or individual, paying attention to the details of the skill and precision of each athlete. Go USA!

-Being originally from Hungry I grew up Cheering for the Hungarian Team. Once I moved to America I never really followed the Olympics after that. Since now I am an United States citizen I will proudly cheer on our athletes! I am looking forward to watching rowing and swimming at my lovely home.

"I love watching the Olympics both winter and summer to marvel at how these athletes train and what they put themselves through for this moment. My Favorite Olympians are any and all USA athletes!"
- I enjoy watching soccer, beach vollyball, swimming and also gymnastics. I dont understand how humans can move their bodies the way these gymnasts do! 

                                                               GO TEAM US                     image_copy1@alexad_c