The 2016 Summer Olympics Are Finally Here & We Are Ready!

Tonight is the 2016 Summer Olympic Opening ceremony in Rio, with more than 11,000 Athletes, they are determined to bring home the gold for their countries. With 39 Olympic sports there will be over 306 events over the span of 19 days. Here at Prime Cycle we are READY for the USA to bring home the Gold. Check out what events our instructors are looking forward to, as well as their favorite Olympian! 


 I asked all of our fabulous instructors the same questions...
-What is one of your favorite memorable Olympic moments throughout history?
-Who is your favorite Olympic athlete past or present? & Why?
-What sport are you looking forward to watch?
-Where do you plan on watching the Olympic games?
 {You'll be interested to see what events these fierce ladies are cheering for}

-I think the 2012 Women's Gymnastics team was one of the most thrilling teams to watch. They were the best group I have seen in my life!
-Well I am dating myself here but Mary Lou Retton, for me, is the best woman is gymnastics history. Her confidence, her skills and technique were always flawless.
-I am excited for gymnastics & will make time to watch them!

-Gabby Douglas! She's the first African American woman in Olympic history to become the individual all-around champion, and the first American gymnast to win gold in both categories.
-I'm looking forward to watching Simone biles and the Women's gymnastics team at home.

-Mary Lou Retton as the first US female to win an all around gold medal! I don't remember watching her live but her performance made her one of the best athletes in US history and is one that will always be remembered.
-Gabby Douglas from London 2012 as one of the Fierce 5 who took the leap at 16 years old and ended up defeating two Russians to become the champion. Who am most excited to watch ? Laurie Hernandez (NJ gymnastics age 16) and Sydney McLaughlin (track and field age 16) who are some of the youngest athletes participating in the 2016 olympics. These young athletes are always so inspiring.
-Soccer, Track and Field and Gymnastics have always been my favorite Olympic sports to watch..
-I will be cheering on the USA on my couch with a glass of wine!

-All of Michael Phelps amazing accomplishments. Including the London Olympics after winning a record breaking 19th olympic medal in the 200 meter freestyle relay.
-Florence Griffith Joyner....she is a really tough chick
-I am looking forward to watching the Track and Field, as well as, swimming at home

-Dominque Moceanu because I got to watch her grow up in the sport of Gymnastics. I gained more appreciation for her dedication and her drive after reading her Memoir "Off Balance". I also met her at a book signing and she was so compassionate and took the time to talk to me about the sport, my past experiences with gymnastics and shared stories about her children!
-Gymnastics is my number one. I also love diving, swimming and beach volleyball!
-I will be watching the games in the comfort of my apartment! I like to focus on the team or individual, paying attention to the details of the skill and precision of each athlete. Go USA!

-Being originally from Hungry I grew up Cheering for the Hungarian Team. Once I moved to America I never really followed the Olympics after that. Since now I am an United States citizen I will proudly cheer on our athletes! I am looking forward to watching rowing and swimming at my lovely home.

"I love watching the Olympics both winter and summer to marvel at how these athletes train and what they put themselves through for this moment. My Favorite Olympians are any and all USA athletes!"
- I enjoy watching soccer, beach vollyball, swimming and also gymnastics. I dont understand how humans can move their bodies the way these gymnasts do! 

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