From Running to Cycling. Rider Spot Light, Antoine Clement...

One of our dedicated riders since our first class held here at Prime Cycle, Antoine Clement was very pleased to have a spin studio come into our town of Hoboken. Using spin classes as his cross training, Antoine recently participated in New Jersey State Triathlon, competing along with 3,500 other athletes. Along with the triathlon he also competed in many other races (including a marathon in Paris!) and we found out why Prime Cycle helped him...

EXACTLY 9 years ago (Aug 2007), when I turned 40, a bit overweight like most turning 40, I decided to pick up running. It was hard. I couldn’t run 5 minutes; literally.
But I stuck with it; persevered and 3 months later ran my first 5k race.

I’m always trying to push for a new challenge, so:
A year later, I ran my first 10k
The following year (Sept. 2009), ran my first 1/2 Marathon
Few months later, I ran my first Marathon
In January 2012, four years after not being able to run 5 minutes, I ran the Goofy Challenge in Orlando which consists of running a 1/2 Marathon on Saturday and Full Marathon on Sunday.

I ran a few more halfs and full Marathons, but I started to get injured on a regular basis. Running daily wasn’t an option anymore. So, I adopted the FIRST training plan which calls for as much cross-training days as running days. Cycling just entered my training regiment.

Three years ago, I moved to Hoboken from Montreal and finding an accessible and SAFE bike route was not easy in this urban jungle and therefore, rarely rode my bike.

Then, Prime Cycle opened at Maxwell Place. It made a huge difference and made my cross-training so much easier.
Much easier to fit in my calendar and strategically placed when weather (too hot or too cold) is less than ideal to run or ride outside.
It is quite a workout. Honestly, when I went to my first « free » class, the opening week… I was almost sure I wouldn’t like it.
I usually hate the gym, I usually hate being inside. Also, I thought « that’s not for men ». Boy, was I wrong and I didn’t think I would like it that much! To the point of going to Prime Cycle religiously once a week at least. It is a big part of my physical and mental readiness.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, I completed my first Triathlon (the Olympic distance) …and I survived !

But it was actually a test…. In the spirit of finding new challenges, I have registered for the 2017 Half Ironman in Tremblant, to « celebrate" my 50th birthday.

Prime Cycle will be a huge part of my training and preparedness… After all, I will need to power through 56 miles between the swim and the half Marathon!

Awesome job Antoine!!


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