Acai You Summer...Healthy Summer Finds In The Mile Sqaure

Labor Day may be around the corner but Summer is not over yet riders! With tempertures still reaching to the mid 90s, ice cream is a great way to cool off..but is there a healthier option?! I'm sure most of you have noticed that Hoboken is jumping on the health craze with juice shops and acai bowl stands. I'm not going to lie, I LOVE IT! With the gorgeous week that we had, I decided to walk around and try out a few of the new places in town!

Acai Ya Later!
Bringing Brazil to Hoboken! It's the adorable little tiki stand right next to Walgreens on 100 Washington giving you the most powerful superfoods in the world. They have three different acai bowls to chose while also giving you the option to "build your own." I grabbed the Tropical Fruit Washington St. Bowl, made with Pinapples, strawberries, banana, kiwi, granola, coconut flakes, chia seeds & agave {you have the option to chose honey or agave} After Kelly M's class on Tuesday..it was the PERFECT post workout meal!{It's extremely filling as well!}

FullSizeRender_copy20Simply JuicedOrganic and locally farmed, Simply Juiced has a wide range of Raw, Vegan and GF Juices to select from. Located right downtown on Willow & First Street, they use the pressed juice method rather then blended for easier digestion. If you're not in the mood for a juice they also have a great selection of meals and snacks sush as the out of this world kale chips. "The Green Dream" is honestly one of the best smoothies in town, it kept me full for hours! Made with banana, Kale, brazil nut butter, vanilla extract, dates, Rice protein and almond milk - also making it a great post workout meal. They offer mini smoothies if you just want something small or perfect for your little one! {Bonus, they are pup friendly as well!}

Total Health Kitchen
Located at 322 Washington Street, this is a great go to for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have ajuice-spa-buddha-press-opens-in-hoboken-a274b9681cef5906_copy great selection of Acai bowls and juices. The Rainbow Acai Bowl and The Crazy Banana Bowl are the top two popular bowls at Total Health Kitchen. The Rainbow Acai Bowl is a banana strawberry base with pinapples, bluberries, honey, granola and strawberries. It tasted like a healthier version of strawberry ice cream... I definitely recommend trying it!


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