Marking 2 Years since we opened our doors here in Hoboken, bringing you the first elite indoor cycling studio in town. Now that we will have TWO locations in town by the end of 2016 we are very excited to celebrate this year. This weekend we are celebrating our 2 year anniversary, so we asked our instructors and some of our clients what Prime Cycle means to them!

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 "Prime Cycle is truly my happy place. I look forward to all of my classes because it is my chance to leave al the stresses of the world outside that studio door and focus on being free for 45-60 minutes. The Prime Cycle family has given me dozens of new friends and new stories of inspiration every single day. It started an entire new chapter in my life and I look forward to many many many more anniversaries!" -Julie 

 "Prime Cycle for me is like a temple: a place to worship our bodies, the bike, our breathing and the beat! I know, without exception, each time I walk in that studio door, it's the ONLY place in the world I will always come out feeling stronger, clearer and in a better mood than when I walked in." -Abbey L

"What Prime means to me is a group of wonderful people coming together to bring out the best version of themselves!" -Kelly M

 "Prime cycle is my second home in Hoboken. Even thou I am only teaching two classes a week, I am a part of an amazing team! It also gives me an opportunity to connect , help, motivate and inspire riders who make it to my class! I just simply love Prime!" -Ava K

 "What does Prime mean to me? Prime made me develop my potential in fitness, leadership and responsibility. It's a career I came into unexpectedly in which I am challenged everyday, on and off the bike. It's more then a job... it's a place I can laugh, motivate and feel accomplished all in one day. What would you call a place where you keep an extra set of clothes, visit voluntarily and enjoy the people around you?... A second home? I guess that's it. To me, Prime Cycle is my second home." -Alexa D

"Gives you a chance to connect with the Hoboken community and sweat it out!" -Latoya J.

"Prime to me is more than just a spin studio! It a community filled with some of the most inspirational instructors and riders and the best part is that everyone has fun doing it. I am so honored to be a part of it!" -Nicole O

"Prime Cycle is more than a spin studio, it's a high energy escape where you can raise the physical bar for yourself. Lead by a team of inspiring instructors, it's the ideal place to improve both physical and mental toughness." -Liam H

"I have had the pleasure of spinning at Prime since the very beginning. The instructors are top notch and I have made amazing friends. It truly feels like a home away from home." -Emily K.

"The possibilities at Prime Cycle are endless and everlasting. It is my happy place where I can not only become physically stronger and work toward my goals, but to also become mentally centered, confident, inspired and determined. When I get on that bike I make a decision to let go, listen to the music, follow my instructor's lead, and ride with my heart and soul. Prime Cycle is a fun and energetic experience that makes my day a really really great one!" -Meghan S.

"Prime Cycle means EVERYTHING to me! Growing up as a competitive dancer, being regularly active has always been extremely important to me. All it took was one class with Julie on 10/25/15 that changed my life. Now I cannot live without it (14 classes in the past 14 days!). Prime Cycle to me is a community that comes together for a total mind-body experience that is fun and inspirational. The classes can be described as part killer-workout, part communal high, part dance party, and part therapy session. Being encouraged to pedal on the beat, get lost in the music, and follow awesome choreography in tandem with the group gets me high on endorphins, similar to how I used to feel when dancing in the past. The instructors motivate you to push your RPMs and turn your resistance knob a little bit further each time. They encourage you to become stronger both physically and mentally. I'm very grateful to be a part of the supportive and dedicated Prime Cycle family and for how much it has impacted me in a positive way." -Blossom H.



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