Instructor Spotlight...Meet Caitlin F!

Caitlin hails from Blairstown, NJ as a former Division 1 and Professional Basketball player. Now a highly sought after personal trainer & pilates instructor, Caitlin loves to challenge her riders to channel their inner athlete and have fun pushing past their limits. You can expect a fast-paced rhythm ride with a whole lot of sweating. She is a firm believer that the attitude you have on the bike is the attitude you take off. Check out below how Caitlin went from Pro Basketball player to one of our Prime Cycle instructors.


What made you want to become a spin instructor?
I started spinning as a way to keep my cardio up without the crazy impact running gives you. I had a couple instructors who were completely badass & pushed me outside my comfort zones. They convinced me that I had the edge to become an instructor. So I took the plunge & haven't looked back since. Indoor Cycling has completely changed my life, it feels so good to give back that feeling to other people.

Tell us a little about your basketball career!
Playing D1 & professional basketball was a dream come true, the experience was like none other. I am still so grateful for the opportunity,...free education & getting paid to travel the world and play your sport?! What's not to love!! BUT it took a lot of hard work, hours of sweat perfecting my craft, having to miss a lot of college parties & life events. I learned how to manage my time very quickly.

After my senior season, I was lucky enough to get an agent when I came out of college. He helped to place me on a team in England where I played for three seasons: 1 season in Manchester & two season in Nottingham.

What do you love about being an instructor here at Prime cycle?
-I love teaching at PrimeCycle because of the high energy atmosphere & of course, the wonderful community. I've only taught a few classes so far and I already feel at home. :)

How's your training going for the NYC Marathon? 
Unfortunately, I have stepped out of running this year's NYC Marathon. I am currently dealing with bursitis from running in both hips so my doctor and I feel it would be best to rehab and give it a go next year. A couple years ago, I would've tried to push through it and run. But I'm more in tune with what my body needs and I feel it's more important to keep my body healthy!!

What is your go to pre & post workout snack?
My go to pre workout is a usually a cup of coffee with a piece of ezekiel bread, almond butter & a banana! Little Carb + little protein + little fat = happy Caitlin..
Post workouts are always more substantial, I make sure to get plenty of protein & carbs back in my system for optimal recovery. It's usually a big kale salad with baked chicken, beets, cucumbers, pumpkin seeds & crumbled goat cheese.

What will you always find in your gym bag?
 I ALWAYS have lip balm, extra socks, Kind bars, phone charger, non-aluminum deodorant, & face wash.

What's one thing you want to check off your bucket list?

Do you have a Favorite movie or TV show?
Favorite movie: Pretty Woman (love me some Julia Roberts)
Favorite TV show: Grey's Anatomy, Shameless & House of Cards

What do you enjoy doing on your down time?
I really have got into cooking lately, you can find me in the kitchen whippin' up batches of bone broth and other healthy goodies!!

A fun fact about yourself you would like to share...
I am a crazy puppy mom!! I have a 3-year old rescue pup, Ruby, who I absolutely adore :) Find us at the park running around like maniacs lol


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