New Studio, New Instructor. Meet Alexandra!

The Downtown studio is officially Open!! With the start of a New Year, here at Prime Cycle we also have a new instructor! Traveling over from Queens, Alexandra is ready to give you an amazing ride and an awesome experience in the studio. Learn a little more about Alex below!

PRIME CYCLE OCT 2016-ALEX 1st EDIT-0002_copy
What made you want to become a spin instructor?
I was working at my full time job and going home feeling unfulfilled. I wanted to be able to say I had a hobby or interest outside of work. I realized I was taking 2 spin classes a week and a light bulb went off in my head while sitting in a coffee shop with my girlfriends after a class - I literally stood up at that moment, walked home, and signed up for a certification class!

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Rockland County, NY. It is about 45 minutes north of the city (and no it is NOT upstate!) I was a cheerleader for 10 years and was on my High School Varsity team plus a competitive traveling team. Staying active was always very important to me and helped shape me into who I am today. Sadly, we just sold my childhood home - onto the next chapter!

Tell us more abou your Reinvent The Wheel blog!
Reinvent The Wheel NYC is my fitness, recipe, lifestyle blog that I started in July. I am really big into cooking and meal prepping - a lot of my friends were asking for recipes and once I was certified for spinning, I figured it would be an easy way to get my name out there to potential studios and clients. It is important to me to promote positive energy and body images to my followers since it is so easy to get caught up in the unrealistic expectations set for us from social media!

Do you have a New Years resolution?
My New Years resolution is to complete the Whole 30 challenge and give up alcohol for the entire month of January. Your girl loves her some whiskey and red wine - but I will have to suck it up and push through LOL!

What do you enjoy doing on your time off?
I come from a big Italian family so if I am not working or spinning, I am usually spending time with them! We try to get everyone together for Sunday dinner once a month or watch a football game together. We are also die hard New York Ranger fans and love watching games together! {LGR!!}

What's your biggest achievement you made in 2016?
My biggest achievement in 2016 has been finding my own inner peace and putting myself first. Becoming a certified spin instructor definitely pushed me to find this balance in my life and making myself happy. Spinning has changed my life physically and mentally - it is my biggest achievement in 2016. I can't wait to see how it shapes my 2017!

What made you want to become an instructor at Prime Cycle?
After getting certified I was looking for studios in the area that embodied strong, positive energy and had a sense of community. As soon as I walked into Prime Cycle for my first class as a regular student, I knew this was a place I would like to work. My first class was with Dani and she kicked my butt! I knew I wanted to give riders the same exhilarating feeling and workout from then on! 

What was your favorite song in 2016?
Easy - Child's Play by Drake. He is perfection - even though he cancelled the concert in Brooklyn :( (I'm still not over it ) 

Check Alex out at our downtown location on Tuesday & Thursday nights at 7pm!

Goal Setting For 2017...

2017 is around the corner, that means it's almost time for your New Years resolution riders. Don't let your fitness resolutions become another statistic. We have some tips below how you can achieve your goals for 2017. Walk into this New Year like a boss riders!

Establish Your Goals. Progress isn't defined by leaps and bounds but instead by taking small baby steps. Break bigger goals down into smaller, more manageable mini-goals.

Set Your Goal. What do you want to acheive? Better power in class? More miles? Well riders, your goal should have the power to make you feel something.

Believe In Your Goal & Most important, YOURSELF. Look at how far you came & strive to do & be better.

Set A Schedule & Stick to it. In the beginning of the week make a schedule for yourself. Set what days when you'll work out, making sure you add in a rest day. Take it small, try not to overload yourself with too much or you'll burn yourself out.

Bring A Friend. Drag your buddy! You can motivate & push eachother to achieve your goals together.

Holiday Gluten Free Monster Cookies...

Its that time of year riders, the holidays are here! The time of year where we love to enjoy family time and over indulge in our favorite foods. Well riders... I came across this amazing cookie recipe that required bananas instead of butter. I made them for Cynthia for her Birthday, they were a hit at our studio! Warning, you might not want to share them!

1 cup of smashed bananas 
1 large egg
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
1/2 cup organic sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon nonfat milk
1/2 cup gluten-free oats (or substitute regular quick cooking oats)
1/2 cup M&Ms or a combination of M&Ms and raisins
1/2 cup peanut butter chips 

                                         Happy Holidays Riders!

What's In Our Instructors Gym Bag?

Ever wonder what sweat session-approved snacks and spare clothing our instructors tote around in their bags? We asked our instructors to open up their gym bags and share with us what they tote around when they’re on the go. Check out below what our instructors here at Prime Cycle shared with us...

Caitlin F
- some necessities include: workout gear (prime cycle of course), a good book to read, a notebook, my Mac book, chapstick, deodorant (love taproots, local & non aluminum), headphones, salad & tuna pouch as I'm running between clients & classes so need lunch on the go. Also, water bottle & roller stick if they squeeze their way in!

-Prime Cycle Sweaty Bands - the absolute BEST headbands EVER. Could not workout without one!
-Banana Balls- the absolute BEST snack EVER. One bite is packed with protein and carbs for a boost to my workout!
-Kind Bar- always Caramel Almond and Sea Salt- one of the lowest sugar bars that Kind makes- so yummy and so healthy for before or after a workout!
-Spin shoes- can’t spin without them!
-Laptop and charger for my playlists!
-Spare T-shirt for a quick change after a sweaty class!
-And last but not least my Lululemon bag filled with extra socks, lululemon sports bras, deodorant and dry shampoo!unnamed_copy

Kelly M-
Dry Shampoo - I cannot survive without it! Face wipes, my work clothes, jump rope and stop watch because I like to do HIIT training

Bryanna- What don't I have in my gym bag? Chicken breast, fruit, protein powder, extra clothes, deodorant, stop watch, spin shoes

After a year of walking to Prime from first street with a shoulder bag, I made the switch to a back pack which is one of the best decisions I've made! I'm able to keep my iPad, planner, Beauty Counter products for post workout, hair brush and a phone charger all in my bag without hurting my back. Because I am at Prime for hours at a time pre or post teaching, I always have a change of clothes, spare contacts/glasses and a granola bar to refuel and freshen up! Lastly, the most important thing I never leave the house without is my Swell bottle. A reusable water bottle comes in handy more then you know!
- I have sneakers, headphones, mini hair brush, a pen, iPod waist belt, notebook, pre workout, and shaker. My essentials for a kickass workout! What's in your bag!?

Nicole- As a mother of two little ones and one at home with me, I typically always have my daughter Ella at Prime with me. With that said, you never know what can happen in mini prime so I never leave home without a sippy cup, wipes, pull-ups and a snack!
-My go-to essentials are a sports water bottle, orbit gum, mint lifesavers (compliments to prime, my entire family is obsessed with these), lip gloss and lip conditioner and my favs are Beauty Counter (of course!) in peony and calendula.
-One bar for me and one for my mini-me 

                                                  Have a great weekend riders!!

Instructor Spotlight. Meet Our New Instructor, Bryanna...

Meet Bryanna Lashley! Recently joining the Prime Cycle team a little over a month ago, Bryanna is ready to shine in the studio. From starting with VHS workout tapes to teaching indoor cycling, she has grown to become a great fitness professional. Learn a little more about her and how she got into this industry...

PRIME CYCLE OCT 2016-PRIME HIGHLIGHTS-0006 -Were you always into fitness?
 I have been into fitness off and on throughout my life. In middle school and high school  I was big on VHS tapes of Pilates and The Firm workouts. Later in life I took up Belly dancing to add in some dance cardio to my routine. The classes led me to perform at hookah lounges, birthdays and weddings.
 -What made you want to become a cycle instructor? 
 I started working as a receptionist at a corporate gym, took a few cycle classes and    fell in love.... and here I am.

 -What do you love about Prime Cycle so far?
 For one, the classes give a great workout while incorporating simple, yet fun    choreography. Second, I am a huge supporter of local businesses! 

- What is a normal day like for you?
  Up at 4:30am, traveling back and forth from gyms in NY and NJ to teach my classes.   Coffee... lots of coffee. Learning from members in each of my classes.

-What's the one fitness/health rule you live by?
  To eat and to eat healthy & Never feel guilty about cheat meals.

-Do you like football? If so, who is your team?
  I am not a huge fan, but if I had to pick, it would be the Miami Dolphins only because of the starter jackets back in the 90s I loved so much. (They were pretty awesome, oh the 90s)

-What is one thing you would like to check off your bucket list?
  A trip to Southeast Asia

-Where can we find you on your day off?
  Either on my couch, at the gym, hiking or enjoying company of friends.

-What's in your gym bag?
  What don't I have in my gym bag? Chicken breast, fruit, protein powder, extra clothes,   deodorant, stop watch, spin shoes

-What is one thing a lot of people don't know about you?
 I'm an open book really. I share mostly everything.

{{Bryanna is teaching Friday' Uptown, 9am and 10:15am and Sundays 8:15am! When Prime Cycle opens downtown, she will be teaching Thursdays 9:15am and 10:15am as well!}}

Welcome her and #bookyourbike!