Goal Setting For 2017...

2017 is around the corner, that means it's almost time for your New Years resolution riders. Don't let your fitness resolutions become another statistic. We have some tips below how you can achieve your goals for 2017. Walk into this New Year like a boss riders!

Establish Your Goals. Progress isn't defined by leaps and bounds but instead by taking small baby steps. Break bigger goals down into smaller, more manageable mini-goals.

Set Your Goal. What do you want to acheive? Better power in class? More miles? Well riders, your goal should have the power to make you feel something.

Believe In Your Goal & Most important, YOURSELF. Look at how far you came & strive to do & be better.

Set A Schedule & Stick to it. In the beginning of the week make a schedule for yourself. Set what days when you'll work out, making sure you add in a rest day. Take it small, try not to overload yourself with too much or you'll burn yourself out.

Bring A Friend. Drag your buddy! You can motivate & push eachother to achieve your goals together.


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