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Have you been working out without seeing significant changes on your body?
Have you been following a diet program, doing detoxes feeling undernourished and deprived?
Do you feel stuck, not feeling free to live and enjoy life?
Do you just feel like quitting sometimes, but you are afraid to gain all the weight back or put on more when you do?
Learn how to set a strong foundation for self care and weight loss with our instructor, Ava, on January 29th 10am-4pm. Learn a little more about the event below about how important it is to take care of yourself first.

 I know a lot of women who have been trying to slim down, putting lots of work into it, eating healthy, exercising without succeeding. As a former competitive tennis player, I have always been very obsessive about training and dieting. No matter how hard I tried, I did not reach my goals. After I have started working with women privately, as a trainer, I realized that I was not the only one who felt this way. There are a lot of women out there, who try so- maybe even too- hard to be their best never feeling good enough. I want to reach out to them and share what I learned through my experience and through helping others achieving not only a healthy/fit body but changing the way these women related to themselves. This mission inspired me and my friend and colleague Jalpa who is a holistic nutritionist, to created a one-day (6 hours) reset retreat. We will share tools and wisdom on how to become free from the struggle, gain confidence and achieve the weight loss goal with ease. We will talk about exercising, dieting, food preparation and stress management. We finish the day with a nice one hour workout with guided relaxation at the end.

What are some ways people can approach life's obstacles with grace & confidence?
Self-acceptance and believing in oneself is a key. Most of the time we shake up when we hit challenges because we start questioning ourselves. Challenges are most of the time uncomfortable, and they can block us when we identify with them. Changing our perception of how we deal with obstacles can shift our experience. If we look at them as our teachers, we can use them as a growing opportunity. They give us character, through them we learn who we are and they help us becoming a better and stronger version of ourselves.

Can certain lifestyles get in the way of reaching your goals?
Most people in the Greater New York area have busy schedules, demanding jobs and high stress. With all the responsibilities our health and well-being are last on our to-do list. It is hard to find time take care of ourselves and by the time we get to it, we are exhausted and low on energy. And it goes on as a vicious cycle unless we make it our PRIORITY to spend a time to improve our health and fitness. Eventually, our invested time will pay back ten folds because we will have more energy, clarity, and motivation to get everything else done in our lives.

How does eating certain foods effect a good mindset?
Eating healthy helps us sustain our energy level throughout the day, instead of having lows and highs. Our mind is more clear, it is easier to make decisions, lowers our stress levels and makes life feel much easier to handle.
Eating an unhealthy diet, too much food, too much sugar, or food that does not fit with our bodies needs has the opposite affect. They make us sluggish, foggy, tired, hard to concentrate even depressed at times.

What is the blood type diet? ( it's more of a lifestyle and a way of living)
Scientifically, our blood type is a key genetic factor that influences many areas of health and well-being. It outlines which foods and types of exercises are best suited for our individual body. It's more of a blueprint than hard guidelines. When you eat what your body needs, you achieve balance. It's is in that balance that your body goes back to its natural state.

The event is located at
Atmananda Yoga
226 East 54th Street
7th Floor
New York, NY 10022

You can sign up and purchase tickets by clicking on this Link for Event Brite 


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