Breath And Relax Ourselves For Better Performance...

Feeling stressed or tense lately? Prime Instructor, Ava, gave us some pointers on breathing and how to relax ourselves for better performance. Read below & enjoy a challenging Hybrid Class every Wednesday, Downtown at 12:15pm to reset mid day and finish your week strong and positive!

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 10.06.15 AMWe live by the work hard play hard attitude, especially around the Tri-State Area. The technology that’s available to us makes our lives easier but also much faster and more stressed. We work long hours and love participating in intense activities and workouts. How can we make sure that our lives and how we live will work for us not against us? After all, how much more stress and demand can we put on ourselves. It is important to not only balance our lives but our workouts too! 

Using relaxation techniques and the breath is becoming more important than ever before. Through those we honor our body’s needs to rest, recover and restore.

First, let’s take a look at what happens to the body when we are under constant stress:
-It causes muscle tension that can also trigger tension headaches, migraines, chronic muscle tension in the shoulders, neck, and head.
-As the fight or flight response kicks in, long term, ongoing stress increases the risk for hypertension, heart attack or stroke.
-The adrenal glands and liver work much harder, and we can develop anxiety, panic disorders, insulin resistance or diabetes.
-Some individuals tend to eat or drink more alcohol, which can eventually cause acid reflux, stomach ulcers.
-Stress affects how we view the world. Under a lot of pressure, we become more protective over what we know and less accepting to change. Life and growth come with change. ---Fear makes growing and improving much harder, if not impossible.
-It is hard to lose weight.  

Stress management, breathing, and relaxation techniques are an important part of my weight loss programs.

Now let’s see how the breath and relaxation can help you to recenter your body and lower your stress:

When we are stressed, we take shallow breaths, breathing into the upper chest area, which reduces the oxygen levels and puts the body in an alarm mode. Diaphragm muscle is used when we breathe correctly. As we inhale the diaphragm moves downward, increases the space in the chest cavity, giving space for the lungs to expand. As we exhale, the muscle goes back to its dome shape and pushes the air up and out of the lungs. It does not only helps us to take in more oxygen but also relaxes the nervous system.

Stress and emotions can change the breath, but it is possible to change our emotional and mental state with the help of our breath. It is amazing how much more control we have over how we feel than we believe so.

As we calm our nervous system, our body and mind become more relaxed too. When we are relaxed we see the world from a more positive perspective; it is easier to resolve problems, accept and go through challenges, we have more joy and ease in our lives.

Learning to breathe and giving your body the time to relax greatly benefits your fitness performance, weight loss goals, the quality of your life and your general wellbeing.

Knowing this, we wanted to give you a chance to get your workout in and reset every Wednesday at 12:15 pm with a Hybrid class at the downtown location. The class starts with a challenging 35 minutes ride and 10 minutes breathing and relaxation to make the workout well rounded.


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