Come Ride For a Good Cause & Help our girl, Kaseedee, Get To The Boston Marathon...

On March 25th join us here at Prime Cycle Downtown with Kaseedee Jermain, as she raises money to reach her goal For The Boston Marathon. For $35, not only will you have an amazing ride on the bike with our instructor Ashley, but you will also get to enjoy mimosas, Lole Trunk show & raffles! All proceeds go to her charity, 261 Fearless. Read below how Kaseedee is preparing for her 8th Marathon!

-How did you get into running marathons?

I started running shorter races like 5k and 10k. I posted on Facebook about them to which someone told me I would never be a "real runner." I was not built to run, well that didn't sit well with me so I signed up for my first marathon just to prove a point. There is no such thing as a "real runner', if you get out there and run you are a "real runner." It doesn't matter how fast or slow you go!

-How many Marathons have you done? Do you have a favorite?
I have run 7 marathons so far, NJ Marathon, NYC (3 times) and Buffalo (2 times). NYC is always an amazing time, it's my home turf now, the energy is amazing......the streets really do come alive. I'm excited to be in for my 4th NYC in 2017! But Buffalo holds the key to my heart, it's my birthday weekend, and I get to go back home, run and see my family. NJ is also amazing, it literally finishes on the BEACH!!!!! I guess they all have their awesome parts but I am beyond excited for the opportunity to run Boston in April.

-Have you always been into fitness?
I haven't always been into fitness; growing up we never really talked about health and fitness. It wasn't until after my son was born when I maxed out at almost 300lbs that I knew something had to change and I started hitting the gym, then picked up running (mainly because someone said I'd never be able to do it).

-Who or what motivates you?
What motivates me? I have so many things that keep me going during those 26 miles......when I run for a charity I run for one I can throw my whole heart into; 261 Fearless is such an amazing organization. Kathrine's story truly shows that you can do whatever you put your mind to no matter what odds are stacked against you, if you get a chance you must read her book! But more importantly, I run to inspire my son to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep moving, keep trying new things and keep pushing! I want him to know that you can do anything! I also run for a group called 'I Run 4' which pairs runners with special needs children and adults....I was paired with a sweet boy in Texas who inspires me everyday!

-What charity are you running for The Boston Marathon?
I am running for 261 Fearless, the non-profit started by Kathrine Switzer (the first woman to finish Boston as a registered participant, which was not well received by the race director who tried to physically remove her from the course.) If it weren't for the actions of Kathrine and her friends, women would still not be allowed to run marathons! This is the 50th anniversary of that race and at the young age of 70 she will be running! 261 FEARLESS, INC. IS A GLOBAL COMMUNITY OF WOMEN, BE SHE A WALKER, JOGGER AND RUNNER, WHO HAVE FOUND STRENGTH, POWER AND FEARLESSNESS FROM PUTTING ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER. This strength has allowed her to overcome doubt and adversity in her life and she has the ability and desire to give encouragement to other women who want to take on their personal challenges through running or walking.
This is welcoming place for women who want to become runners and walkers to find their fearless through the connection with others. We are here because sometimes you just need to know you are not alone. This is the true essence of 261 Fearless - women supporting women.
We connect personally in our localized 261 Fearless running Clubs and virtually through social media as @261Fearless and through private, member forums. Our network allows for multi-cultural connection and global communication among women.

-Tell us about your charity ride at Prime Cycle and who's teaching?
My charity ride is March 25th and Ashley will be teaching. For $35 participants will get a spot in class, gift bag, raffle entries (extra entries will be available for purchase), mimosas, light refreshments and a trunk show by Lole Women (a fitness apparel company with a store in SOHO) where you will be able to shop at a discount!!!

-How's your training going?
I'm actually trying something a bit different with my training this year and adding more cycling in to help save my aging knees. I'm still hitting the pavement but also thinking more about my body as I go, more strength, core work (my go to is pilates) and cycling.

-What's your favorite song or artist to run to?
I love running to music but I have to be really careful what is on my playlist, every now and then I get lost in a song and realize I get going a bit too fast LOL.......I'm always changing my playlist and it's such a crazy mix, you never know what you will get......gansta rap, Brittney Spears and yes even the Biebs (but don't tell LOL)

Prime Cycle is so excited to host this Charity Ride and help Prime employee, Kaseedee, reach her fundraising goal for 261 Fearless and give her confidence and support for her first Boston Marathon!

Email alexa@primecycle.com to register today!!


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