February Challenge Winners...

In 28 days, they docked 15 rides, two 60 min (or MORE) classes and even a selfie in the studio. These fierce riders completed the February challenge, gaining a new Prime Cycle Hoodie and gift card to the studio. Check out below how your fellow Prime buddies dominated the challenge...

What motivated you to achieve the challenge?

"Holding myself accountable to meet the expectations of the challenge." -MG

"The awesome sweatshirt obviously. But most of the credit can go to my instructor Dani. So far I haven't found another human who's instructing style, positive vibes and amazing playlists can motivate me more than hers." -KS 

"The prizes, duh!!! But seriously, myself. I pushed myself everyday and did the challenge for me. Even when I had a long and busy day at school, I made sure to stay committed to the challenge and to myself."-SR

"I guess there’s a few things: the very interesting classes, the lost weight and I like cycling challenges" -MM

"I've been doing Prime Cycle classes for a little over two years now, so it's always fun to have a challenge to change up my routine. The prizes were also a nice motivational perk!" -SW

Did you have to preplan your workouts to be successful or were the 15 rides part of your normal workout schedule?

" Early in the month I made a personal goal to sign up for all of the classes Dani teaches in a week, before the end of February, so I did have to make sure to pre-plan for those. but otherwise there are so many classes offered now that it was easy to find enough classes that fit into my schedule." -SW

"My plan (only in my mind) for February was to go three or four times a week. With the challenge i planned my classes in outlook to make sure i make the 15 classes, the 2 classes with 60 min and don’t go more then 2 days in row." -MM

"I had to preplan my workouts in my planner due to my busy schedule as a Kindergarten teacher. I'm already a planner, so if I didn't have them penciled in, it was hard to make it to my class. But I made sure to make time for myself, especially in my planner!" -SR

"I always try and pre book my workouts at the beginning of the week so I know that I'm guaranteed a spot in the class. It also helps me stay accountable knowing it's already on my schedule." -KS

"Normal. I will say I loved the theme rides in addition to the challenge rides" -MG

At any point did you find the goal untamable or did you feel like you needed a break?

"In the middle of the challenge I started to feel tired, but I kept reminding myself of the end goal, to get stronger. At the final stretch, I felt more determined to complete the challenge." -SR

"I thought the goal was challenging, but attainable." -SW

"Achievable. The point was to push ourselves out of our comfort zones." -MG

"There were definitely points (especially after Prime Power 60 classes) where my body felt like it needed a break. I think the key is just to listen to your body and give it the rest it needs even if your brain says keep going!" -KS

"With my Plan of not going 2 days in a row definitely helped" -MM

Did the challenge guidelines keep you on track during the month of February?

"Yes definitely. I was even able to squeeze in a few extra!" -KS

"Yea, the guidelines was helpful. Otherwise maybe i would go out more times with colleagues and drink some more beers ;)" -MM

"I liked the guidelines because it helped me explore some new classes that I might have not taken otherwise, and I liked that they were flexible enough that I could make my own plan to complete the challenge." -SW

"Yes, I thought the challenge guidelines pushed me and even made me get out of my comfort zone (especially posting a picture on social media). But I liked how you had to take other classes to complete the challenge." -SR

Would you like to see another challenge in the future?

"YES!!!" -MG

"I'm always up for a challenge and would love to see more in the coming months." -KS

"Absolutely! It's always nice to have a goal to work toward, and the prizes make it even better!" -SW

"Yes! I would love to do another challenge. I thought it was great to have one in the winter because we tend to stay inside and become less motivated to work out, but a summer challenge would be motivational too!" -SR

"If i come back to Jersey, yes would be great have a challenge again!" -MM (From Bavaria)



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