Rise & Ride! 10 Reasons Why You Should Book Your Bike For The AM Class...

With life getting in the way it can be challenging to make time to exercise. Did you know that exercising in the morning is a wonderful way to create a positive routine and provides many added benefits beyond just keeping you fit? Check out below why you should book your bike for those early morning classes. Rise & Ride riders!

1. It will put you in an
Morning workouts will boost your endorphins and will leave you smiling for the rest of the day.

2. You will feel accomplished. Knowing that you're working out while everyone is sleeping is an accomplishment itself!

3. You will want to eat healthy for the rest of the day. The Salad bar at lunch might look more appealing after killing a morning spin class. Also, you started on a good foot, might as well keep going!

4.Bragging rights! You can causally bring up at the office that you dominated the leader board in the 6AM class. No big deal...

5.You're less likely to skip a workout. Things come up unexpectedly throughout the day. So knowing that you already checked your workout off your list, you're less likely to skip it later on in the day.

6. Your metabolism will boost. Waking up an hour earlier for your workout will get your heart rates up and burn calories throughout the day.

7. You will perform better. Studies show that you can get way more out of a morning workout than an afternoon or evening one.

8.Improves your productivity. Working out in the AM can increase your mental clarity for 4-10 hours post workout. Giving you the ability to focus on getting your daily tasks completed.

9.You will be less stressed at work. Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly report feeling more empowered and all around better about their work-life balance.

10. You'll have breathtaking photos of the sunrise for you instagram. (both locations you'll be able to see the sunrise)FullSizeRender 2_copy2


-Lay out your workout clothes the night before.
-Have your meals ready in a lunchbox or bag in your refrigerator so its easy to grab before leaving.
-If you're going straight to work from the studio. Make sure you're bag is packed and ready to go!
-Need the Caffeine? Make your choice of beverage the night before and warm it up while getting ready.
-Here at Prime Cycle, we also validate for parking and Uber, if you're not feeling the walk over. 
Book your bike riders!

Unicorn Smoothie

Im sure you have all seen it riders, the magical brightly colored blended beverage that has been the rage on social media lately. One of our favorite coffee chains has even released a limited edition Unicorn Frappuccino, packing in more sugar than half a dozen glazed Krispy Kreme donuts. Blended with spirulina, fruit sources, syrup  and creme, this beverage can run from 300-500 calories. We found a delicious healthy smoothie that won't hurt your waistline and will be instagram worthy! Check it out below...

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 8.56.31 AM_copy
What you will need:
A blender
1 Cup of greek yogurt
1 cup of almond or coconut milk
1/2 cup of blueberries 
1/2 cup of raspberries and strawberries
banana slices & chopped fruit for decoration

Bottom Layer:
Blend in 1/2 cup of greek yogurt, 1/2 cup of almond milk & 1/2 cup of blueberries. Pour into glass and place into freezer while you prepare the top layer

Top Layer:
Blend in the remaining greek yogurt, almond milk, strawberries and raspberries. Pour onto the bottom layer. Add chopped fruit on top for decoration!
        Enjoy this magical drink!

The Positive Well Rounded Effects Of Prime Cycle...

"If you don't create change, change will create you." -Unknown.

Often we are resistant to change and we don't realize that change itself is constant. Often we avoid changes and prefer to stay in our comfort zones. Change can sometimes be fun, exciting, refreshing and scary. Even the simplest change can impact your life for the better. Read about the positive impact Prime Cycle has had on our #PrimeFitFam from new clients & OG's to a Prime instructor...

::Blossoms Story::
-How did you hear about Prime Cycle and what made you decide to try us out in the beginning?
My sister made me try, even though I was terrified!

-Has Prime Cycle Impacted your life in any way?
Prime has made Hoboken feel like a community and home. It has become my happy place where I don't only go to get a killer workout, but also to see close friends. I always leave feeling positive, stronger and revived

-Do you have a favorite instructor that motivates or inspires you the most?
They're all amazing!! But funny story, Julie is the reason why I became Prime obsessed. I ran into Julie at Shipyard cleaners and recognized her from barre classes. I started talking to her and she convinced me to try Prime again (this was a year after my initial class when prime first opened)... her Party on a Bike literally turned my life around!

-Do or did you have a goal when starting? Either short term or long term?
To make it through the first class!

-Do you have a favorite Prime moment?
                                                                       The 90 minute class!
-What do you love about Prime Cycle?
Literally everything! The people, the intense workout, the communal high, the party on a bike, etc....the community it has turned Hoboken into. I also love how much stronger I've become physically and mentally because of Prime.

::Jonathan's Story::

-How did you hear about Prime Cycle and what made you decide to try us out in the beginning?
I first tried Prime Cycle’s uptown location, but that was well over a year ago. I since moved to Jersey City and needed something a little more convenient. After seeing that a location was opening up near the PATH, I figured that would be a lot easier than trying to get uptown to spin.

-Has Prime Cycle impacted your life in any way?
Of course it has impacted me in a positive way. We have a gym in my apartment building, but some people need the drive of competition or instruction, and I’m definitely one of those people. There have been days when I’m exhausted and don’t think I have the energy to spin for an hour, but once you get going, the adrenaline and the music really do the work for you.

-Do you have a favorite instructor that motivates or inspires you the most?
So far I have taken 2 classes apiece from Caitlin and Alexa, and they each definitely have a way with their cadence that made things easy for me when I was getting back into spin, and also keeps the veterans motivated. (they could be DJ’s when they aren’t spin instructors the way they count down each of the exercises we’re doing) Telling the class what to do and keeping us mentally there must be difficult. There is nothing easy about their classes, but the workout high is very apparent afterward.

-Do or did you have a goal when starting? Either short term or long term?
My short term goal was to shed some pounds before a vacation that I have coming up. So short term I had set a goal of 10 pounds in 3 weeks, which is when we’re leaving. Long term, I’d like to keep it going until I’m down 20.

-Did you have to deal with any challenges within yourself when trying to reach your goals?
My biggest challenge personally has to do with the area, and my love for beer. Between Jersey City & Hoboken, the biggest social activities are predominantly drinking related. Plus I have three roommates, so whether we’re watching sports or playing video games, life is just better with a beer. So the additional challenge I’ve had to give myself is that the next beer I have will be on the plane for vacation.

-Do you have a favorite Prime moment?
That’s easy. This past class (on Taco Tuesday), I finished with 620 in energy in Caitlin’s class. We climbed a hill for what felt like the full 45 minutes. But that number shattered my personal best, so now I have something new to shoot for.

-What do you love about Prime Cycle?
Everyone is there for different reasons, but the end goal is the same. Nobody leaves a class at Prime and says to themselves “I wish I hadn’t done that.” It’s always the same feeling of accomplishment and newfound energy when you’re done. It’s easy to get off a treadmill when you’re tired, but you’re not going to be the one to get off your bike early in a room where everyone else is going through it with you. It pushes you farther than you were planning to go in that hour, but that’s how you get to whatever goals you have set for yourself the quickest.

::Ashley's Story::

-How did you hear about Prime Cycle and what made you decide to try us out in the beginning?
I'd been hearing about Prime Cycle for at least a year and have had friends rave about the studio and their experiences. The timing just wasn't right for me having just had my second baby and frankly not ready to make the commitment to myself. Then the downtown studio opened right when I began my search for a workout studio/type of workout I could love and get into a routine with. I tried a free class with Julie and the rest is history....addicted :)

-Has Prime Cycle Impacted your life in any way?
Prime has absolutely changed my life as an individual feeling like ME again and as a mother with more energy and even wife (what's that saying... happy wife happy life)! I'm allowing time for myself, getting in the best shape of my life and enjoying it all thoroughly while finding Prime to be like a second home for me.17426292_10100365970354592_1206874202224478145_n

-Do you have a favorite instructor that motivates or inspires you the most?
I take classes Monday Wednesday and Friday mornings with Caitlin and Julie. I couldn't imagine better motivators and support to push and encourage me to be my best. I get excited before each class and leave feeling on top of the world.

-Do or did you have a goal when starting? Either short term or long term?
My goals were about getting time for myself back again and becoming the best me for 2017. I've been amazed at how spiritually I've been impacted (yes from a spin class lol) and also watching my body change in just 2 short months losing inches and feeling strong. I'm so happy.

-Do you have a favorite Prime moment?
A favorite Prime moment was the first time I hit a number one spot. It made me realize how strong I can be and I continue to challenge myself each week!

-What do you love about Prime Cycle?
I love the way Prime has become a home for me and bringing my youngest child with me to mini Prime, it's part of our weekly routine. I love the family atmosphere and staff, and of course the class itself which is always challenging, fun and rewarding.

::Niki's Story::FullSizeRender-6
-How did you hear about Prime Cycle and what made you decide to try us out in the beginning?

I heard about Prime through Irina. She brought me to my first class, with Julie, and the rest is history! I was hooked!

-Has Prime Cycle Impacted your life in any way? It has! Irina and I became good friends, as we made plans to meet at Prime regularly. In addition, I finally found a form of cardio (other than swimming) that I LOVE! I look forward to classes. It has become a form of meditation for me, as I enter the room and I truly shut my brain off, and can enjoy the class, the music, the vibe. It's a healthy outlet for life's stresses.FullSizeRender-5_copy-Do you have a favorite instructor that motivates or inspires you the most? Julie had me hooked from the first class!
-Do or did you have a goal when starting? Either short term or long term?
I was hoping to get through a class, and see myself improve. I tried to come to 1-2 classes a week. Now I aim for 5-6 times a week and often see myself in the top 10 of class.

-Do you have a favorite Prime moment?
Ah, a few! The downtown opening with Naughty by Nature was so much fun and great energy!! Also accomplishing the 90 minute ride!
-What do you love about Prime Cycle? Such a great vibe, everyone is super friendly. It's like an extended family. :)

::Alexa D's Story::

-How did you hear about Prime Cycle and what made you decide to try us out in the beginning?
I started to hear about Prime Cycle when it was in the works, before we had a space, before we had a business plan, just when it was an idea. I never imaged this business venture would include me! I was a Health and Physical Education teacher outside of Hoboken who took a front desk job at Prime Cycle while I was on the search for the perfect school to work at more locally. During that first month of employment, I took classes, took part in instructor trainings and soon enough had 1 class on the schedule! From there my involvement, commitment and passion for Prime Cycle grew so large I stopped looking for teaching jobs and focused on a career change.

-Has Prime Cycle Impacted your life in any way?
For a past athlete, where working out was required and expected, it was difficult to figure out how to workout, when to workout and where to get the motivation to workout. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome at 17yrs old and the most important thing to stay in control of my body is physical fitness. College was impossible with a poor diet and lack of motivation to go to the gym. Since starting to take class and instruct at Prime, I have lost 10lbs the healthy way, decreased my medication and improved my symptoms tremendously. I feel more energized and strong day to day but also feel excited to workout and push the riders to get that "cycling high" with me every class!IMG_9329

-Do or did you have a goal when starting? Either short term or long term?
I did not have a goal when being introduced to the cycling world... but that's the best part! You never know where your path with lead, but when you follow a passion and enjoy what you do, everything falls into place without even realizing it! Professionally, physically and/or mentally.

-Do you have a favorite Prime moment?
The first time I ever had a waitlist for class! It was an 11am Sunday Funday ride! That time slot will always have my heart- those riders always killed it!

-What do you love about Prime Cycle?
That it's a family. Prime focuses on making each rider feel successful for every little stride. With the family run management, there is a large support team of staff that are alway there to help!

Instructor Spotlight: Meet Marissa!

"Never Settle. Want it more than you don't!" Coming all the way from West Milford NJ, Marissa, can easily turn a bad day into a good one in the studio. Don't let this kind hearted, funny and positive instructor fool you. She works hard putting together the perfect playlist and routine to give you a killer class. Learn a little more about Marissa below and check her out on the schedule!

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 10.07.32 AMWhy did you choose Prime Cycle to Instruct & have you always wanted to become an instructor?

It has been a dream of mine to instruct using the Madonna mic and the spot light. The first indoor cycling class I took that had those features blew my mind and inspired me to change my life; it was actually Dani's class over a year ago! After that I was determined to make this dream a reality and within that year and a half I lost 85lbs and became a certified instructor.

-What do you love most about Prime Cycle?

I love rhythm riding. Having been a music major in college, music effects me and pushes me during a workout. Being so in tune to the beat influences me to create challenging playlists and motivate riders to never lose the beat. 

-Who or what inspires you to be the best person you can be?

My family constantly inspires me. I have twin little sisters who are my favorite people on this planet and being a positive role model for them drives me to be better everyday.

-Have you always been into fitness?

I have been a tap dancer, believe it or not, since I was 2! And a basketball player since I was 4. So athletics have always played an important role in my life.

-Coming all the way from West Milford, how did you do covering for the 5:45am class & what time did you have to leave?

I had to leave at 4:37 that morning. But I didn't mind it in the slightest! The riders were amazing!!! There were women in that class that reached personal bests, another woman hit 700 power points, which was something she never thought was even possible! Being there for those moments is what this job is about, being able to facilitate change and inspire others to feel safe out of their comfort zones. I know what it feels like to be on a fitness journey and need that push from an instructor to give you the avenue to something you didn't know was possible. A lot of times that happens in the morning when we have the most energy and least amount of distractions. So it was a glorious morning to say the least. I went and got vegan pancakes afterward which was also great.

-What do you do for your 9-5 job?

I am a surgical coordinator. I book assistant surgeons for surgeries in seven different states. But I am applying to law school in the fall so hopefully that becomes the 9-5!

-What's one thing you would like to check off your bucket list?

I would love to drive across Mexico; I love driving, I love road tripping. I've driven across the U.S. twice since graduating and have seen the top and bottom. But I would love to do the same to other countries. Mexico specifically because I grew up fluent in Spanish because my dad went to medical school there. I would love to see where he went to school but also experience the culture from coast to coast.

-Who's your favorite artist today?

My favorite musical artist today, tough question because that does vary daily. But today I will say it is Divinity Roxx. She's the artist who does the opening tune to my latest playlist. She was the musical director for Beyoncé and her bass player. As a fellow lady bass player, I love her music and her approach to bass playing with the theme of "rock hip hop". (if you haven't noticed that theme also trends in my rides) So I recommend her music to everyone, she's a truly inspiring artist.

-What do you do on your down time?

I don't really believe in down time. I am constantly training and practicing new rides in order to stay a step above my riders. Each week they get stronger and faster and I expect to do no less myself. But I love to read. I try to read a book a week. It's important to me to work both my mind and my body.

-Whats your favorite color?

Pink, honestly. Gotta love pink.

-One awesome fact about you...

I can play 14 different instruments.

-Do you prefer hills, sprints or jogs?

I've always been extremely strong so hills come easier, which is why I love jogs because they are a difficult mix of endurance and strength. The song "Gold" by Kiiara is an endurance tune I love because it is quick but not quick enough to sprint through. Staying out of the saddle the whole ride takes core strength, leg speed and leg strength. Tough combo!

-Push up or tap back?

I love my presses, I really do. But tap backs are so fun and make me feel like I'm dancing. I like to teach the form of the tap back so that everyone can get the most out of the motion because it is a tough move but when done right there is a lot to be gained. I tell my riders "I like to pretend I have a cup of tea on my shoulders, so my chest never dips down and my shoulders never drop." That control of the body, that precision is difficult but worth attaining.

Check out Marissa every Tuesday night at 7:30pm Uptown!  She will also be subbing for Abbey...

4/11 7AM Uptown
4/13 7AM Uptown
4/14 6PM Downtown
4/18 7AM UPTOWNFB_IMG_1491489566397