Why Cycling Is Great Cross Training for Runners...

Often Runners need a break from the high impact training on their joints. Myself being a runner as well, Ive been told to keep cross training into my regimen to prevent injury. Spinning is one of the best exercises you should incorporate into your cross training. Since it is a low impact workout, it also builds strength in the muscles that aren't used in running. Did you know that Spinning can also help build endurance? Improving your stamina and building complementary muscles, this cross training can improve your finish time. Check out below how Prime Cycle prepared one of our clients, Kathy, for The More Women's Half Marathon in Central Park...

FullSizeRender_copy28-How did Prime cycle help prepare you for the races you have done in the past couple of months? Did it help improve your time at all?
I have been spinning at Prime Cycle 2-3 times per week for 26 months after my neighbor, good friend and Prime Cycle co-owner, convinced me to give it a try. It was wintertime and I couldn't get out on the roads to run every day.

Spinning did three things to improve my running dramatically: of course, it helped with endurance (cardio), but it also made my knees like steel and gave me core strength I never had. Last April (2016) I decided to increase my distance from a 4-mile run to or 6 or 7-mile run and immediately noticed that my legs were incredibly strong. I held myself much more erectly which helped both with breathing and with speed. My knees also stopped bothering me after doing long distances. I started running 8, 10 and even 15 miles on a regular basis. I used to joke with the staff at Prime cycle that I felt so good running, that I was convinced my feet were sometimes not touching the ground as I cruised down River Road at 5:15 in the morning. For 30 years I had been a 9-minute/mile runner. Last summer I dropped by pace to 8:30/mile on long runs and sometimes below 8 minutes per mile on shorter runs (6 or 7 miles) without much effort.

 -How often did you run & take class at the studio?
I have been spinning 2, sometimes 3, times a week and running 3 times a week for well over a year. This spring I was training for the Central Park All Women's Half Marathon (April 30th) and spun 2x's per week and did various running workouts 4x's per week. I alternated between spinning days and running days. I found that spinning the day after a long run is vital, it opens up the hips and flushes out the muscles. I have a good friend who is a professional triathlete and performance trainer. He would give me weekly workout plans that always includes two spinning days.

 -How did you do in the women's half marathon?
Last December, I competed in the Central Park Ted Corbitt 15k and ran at an 8:24 pace on a very cold day. It was my first Central Park race in 26 years. I decided I'd train through the winter for the April 30th half marathon in the park. My goal was a 1:44:00 half and I ran a 1:50:00 race, about a 8:23 pace. I felt very ready for the race, had no problems with the back hills of the back on both loops, finished strong and really enjoyed it. I can't wait to do another and spinning at Prime Cycle will be part of the prep. My stretch goal for 2017s to run a sub-8-minute half marathon.

                                                                     Great Job Kathy!! Keep up the great work!!


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