5 Ways To Stay Active While On Vacation...

Summer is around the corner riders! With school almost out,  Summer is a popular time for traveling and Vacations. Sometimes it's tough to stay on track but we have have 5 ways to keep you active while enjoying your summer escape...

image4 (1)_copy21. While searching for a hotel, make sure you look for one that has a fitness center or passes that will allow you to visit nearby gyms. It will motivate you more to try a class in a new area. Also, working out every morning will increase your motivation to eat more healthy throughout the day.

2. If you plan on flying to your destination, use the airport terminal as a walking track. You'll be doing plenty of sitting down on the plane so might as well take a walk around the terminal. A brisk 15 minute walk can burn about 100 calories. Just don't go too far and miss your flight!

3. I get it sometimes when you're on vacation the gym doesn't sound appealing. There are other ways to allow you to get in a workout. Once you check into the hotel ask the concierge if there are any hiking trails, kayaking, scuba diving, bike riding, paddle boarding, etc. Take a walk on the beach or take a swim in the pool. Anything that elevates the heart rate and allows you to have fun is a win/win situation.

4. Choose restaurants that are walking distance from the hotel. Instead of taking a taxi, walking after a meal is a wonderful way to help keep blood sugar levels down. Enjoy the beautiful weather and scenic views that you would not normally experience in a car.FullSizeRender_copy30

5. Traveling imparts new vigor to the mind which brings you more physical strength and good health. Always remind yourself how great it feels to walk and be able to move. You may not be able to fit your whole workout in while vacationing but remember doing something is better than not doing anything at all. 

Happy Vacationing Riders!!


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