Squad Goal Champions, Meet "Hell On Wheels"

255 Rides in 62 days, yes, you're reading that correctly. This team was no joke when it came to our summer challenge. From July 4th until Labor Day, teams of 5 had to complete 120 rides in order to win the challenge. "Hell on Wheels" defines #squadgoals, teaming up together to strategically plan out their rides in order to be the Prime Cycle Summer champions. Read below how Emily, Heather, Jenny, Kelly and Mark were able to do a combine total of 255 rides in only 62 days...

1. What kind of method did you guys use in order to dominate the challenge?

 Emily-It was all about teamwork. I know I pushed myself bc I wanted to make my squad proud. We all went into the challenge knowing we wanted to win, but that we wanted to surpass the goal. When we got to 120 in a few short weeks we said double it. We did that and kept on going. Work work work.
Mark-Started with the official draft notice from Heather. From there the sense of ownership we felt toward each other was the glue that bound us together thru the duration of the challenge. 
Heather- At the outset, we all decided to put in 110% and be the best squad we could be.  We checked in on a group chat almost every day, planning out classes to take and our counts for the week.  Once we figured out the 120 was attainable by the end of July, we pushed to make it happen, and then we set our end goal, which was 240 classes.  It was fun waiting to see the numbers every Friday morning.
Kelly- We had a group chat and constantly talked about who was going to what class. Seeing everyone going to classes made me want to go and see my squad! 

2.What were the most classes you did in one day?
Emiy- 3 
Mark- 3
Kelly - 3

3.How did your body feel after the challenge?
Emily- Tired but all worth it. 
Mark- A little fatigued of course but it's because I found the new high water mark
Heather- Great!  After an injury in March, I sort of lost my mojo because I wasn't able to spin as often or as intensely as I had before.  This challenge helped me get back in the game and built my cardio endurance back up.  I lost some weight, too and overall have felt leaner.
Kelly- Good my running has been a little faster (Due towards injury)

4.Did you hit a wall at all?
Emily- The last 2 weeks were more challenging for sure. I def didn't do as many classes as I did at the beginning. 
Mark-  Yeah then you take the time to reenergize and reignite - we had each other's backs 
Heather- I started to get tired during the second week of August, but since I was going to be away the last week of the challenge, I had to get my classes in.  So I just kept going!
Kelly- At the end once we got to 240 I was like I'm done 

5.Did you lose any weight from the challenge or feel like you had more energy throughout the day?
Emily-  I was down about 7.5lbs and Labor Day eating happened. Gained a few but committed to staying on top of my spin game. The challenge definitely pushed me personally. I was eating right and committed to my workouts. It was awesome to get back in a good groove. 
Mark- Both! 

Heather- Absolutely.  Spinning every day helped my energy levels and helped me sleep better at night.  
Kelly- I felt stronger overall (thats a win)
6.What motivated you to keep coming?
 Emily- First and foremost my commitment to my squad. I wanted to do my part, but I was pushing myself personally bc this was an opportunity get a head start on loosing weight and feeling healthy. It definitely worked. 
Mark- Yeah then you take the time to reenergize and reignite - we had each other's backs 

Heather- Knowing that my attendance at class wasn't just for me, it was for the squad too.  

7.How did you motivate each other?

 Emily- Lots of group texts. Lots of laughs. We also are all crazy competitive so I think that always helps.
Mark-We built our own little prime community. We were proud of each other and what we were doing. We saw each other as equals and that in itself gives a sense of welcome 
Heather- When Emily is doing 3 classes in a day, you definitely feel motivated to be there with her!  Seriously, though, I think we all wanted to be sure we were pulling our weight and working together, so knowing that I had 4 people depending on me really helped.  We got to know one another pretty well over the summer, too.  Also, matching shirts. There's nothing I won't do for a cute tank top. 
Kelly-Seeing my squad and not wanting to let them down