Help Raise Money for Freds Team and get Cindy into the NYC Marathon!

Join Cindy this Saturday 10/14 12pm at our Downtown location to help Cindy cross the finish line at the NYC Marathon! $40 a bike will go towards Fred's Team. Check out below why Cindy chose Fred's team charity to raise money for the NYC Marathon...

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Famous last words....."I will NEVER do this again!" 

Okay, I lied. 

It's been 2 years since I crossed the finish line and I was certain I would never do it again. But things change. People enter your life and make you realize you can do anything. Others come into your life and show you what bravery and fight truly is. Then there is my competitive side! My worst and best quality. 

So here I am! Ready to train. Ready to take on really hot steamy mornings. Queensboro bridge nightmares. oh, and eat a lot of carbs. 

-Why did you choose Fred’s Team to raise money for the marathon? 
In 2015, I ran my first marathon with Fred’s Team. If I was going to run a marathon, I wanted to do it for a cause and contribute to something with meaning. There have been people in my family, friends of mine and friends of friends that have either been effected by cancer or lost their life to it.

I knew Sloan Kettering was one of the best hospitals in the world and two people close to me were treated there. So I chose to support Fred’s Team and run for everyone going through cancer or that has been effected by it.
-Did you run for a charity in the last NYC Marathon you did? If so which one & why.
When I crossed the finish line in 2015, I told myself that I would NEVER EVER run another marathon. As much as I run regularly, marathon training takes a toll on your body. Not only that, the marathon was hard for me. When I hit mile 16, (running over the Queensboro bridge), I was in a lot of pain and I knew it would be my first and last. I knew I would finish, but I also knew it was a one-time thing.

Well…never say never!  In 2016, a close coworker and someone I’ve worked with for 7 years was diagnosed with cancer. I watched her day in and day out come in with a positive attitude as she struggled to fight something that was completely taking over her life and body. She decided to go to Sloan Kettering for treatment and eventually was part of a clinical trial. They treated her with such care, knowledge and determination to help her fight it. Unfortunately the cancer was too much and she had to take a leave of absence and go off of the trial. It was heartbreaking for myself, my team and everyone that loves her.  But throughout all of it, MSK was fighting for her and I could see firsthand the great lengths they go to save lives.

That’s all I needed to experience…. So I signed up for the 2017 marathon in support of Fred’s team and MSK cancer research.
-How’s your training going? Have you hit a wall at all? 
Oh…I’ve hit a wall! It’s tough… the humidity hasn’t gone away and my knees aren’t cooperating anything after 13 miles. But I’m doing it!  I WILL do it.
-What motivates you to keep training and raising money for charity? 
The impact of the money raise! I have seen it firsthand. Patients are going through more than a challenging run.
With so many social media posts, people asking for $ for various charities and donating to recent devastation, it’s been hard to raise the money just through social channels and emailing friends/family. In 2015, I didn’t really have a hard time raising the money. It was also my first marathon, so I think people were more willing to donate. Now that it’s my second, I definitely have to ask multiple times. I finally got to a great number and just have to close the gap!

 I absolutely LOVE Prime Cycle. The community, the owners, the instructors. Everything about it. I recently just moved out of Hoboken after living there for years and I’m going to make  it a point to get to a class every week. Prime supports so many of their clients, organizations and local business which is also super important.  I knew if I was going to get support, it would be from the Prime Team.


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