Ruthie K Day 2018!

Please come out on Sunday, June 3rd for our first annual “Ruthie K Day” – but who is Ruthie K?!  Ruth Kavanagh is Stronger. Than. Ever and one of PRIME’S most resilient riders.


In 2014, Ruth had been married for two years, had a successful career and was living her best life. During the same year, Ruth learned that there was a lesion on her brain and that she would have to undergo brain surgery as soon as possible. In the last 4 years she has undergone 3 additional brain surgeries, developed epilepsy, can have a seizure anytime and is on numerous medications. She has mobility issues on her left side and can no longer work or drive. 


Our dedicated rider who worked out 4-5 times a week can no longer swim, hike, or do many of the physical activities she once loved. There are days when it’s difficult for her to walk a block, open a jar and do daily tasks with family and friends because of her disabilities.  


Ruth has been fighting her battle like a champ and is technically ‘cancer free’, however she has to take it day by day as her health is always in question. So far this year she learned that the permanent scar tissue/brain damage has once again been swelling; this has occurred multiple times throughout her battle. 


Despite all of this, Ruth is one of the fortunate ones and lives by the motto, “Turn Your Wounds into Wings” (Emily Joy Rosen).  This is why she is so deeply dedicated to raising funds, raising awareness and advocating on behalf of those affected by brain cancer.  This is why we NEED YOUR HELP! The facts alone demonstrate just how much we need more funding and research for brain tumors.  Today, nearly 700,000 people in the U.S. are living with a primary brain tumor and nearly 70,000 more will be diagnosed each year. Yet, the average survival rate for malignant brain tumor patients is only 34%.  Brain tumors are also the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in children under 10.  A cure cannot wait!  


For our June 3rd event, all morning class will be themes in honor of Ruth. She will kick-off each class with a 5 minute talk about her journey with this disease. We at PRIME will have raffles where 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the NYC Walk. Raffle tickets are only $1.00 per voucher and PRIME will be donating $5 per rider who participates.


If you cannot make it out on June 3rd, you can still support the National Brain Tumor Society and its NYC Walk – We at PRIME are a walk sponsor for the second time! You can contribute by donating, sponsoring, volunteering and/or sharing Ruth’s story through this link:  http://www.braintumorcommunity.org/site/TR/TeamraiserEvents/NewYorkBrainTumorWalk?px=3488713&pg=personal&fr_id=2994.  Every participant at the walk will get a T-shirt! Even if you cannot physically be present for the walk, you can also sign up as a virtual walker and help the cause! 


Additionally, Ruth is partnering with her fellow brain cancer survivor, Adrian Conoboy, and his wife, Roz Conoboy, to donate a portion of the proceeds from June 3rd to their fantastic nonprofit, We Can Kick It ( https://wecankickit.org ), which offers soccer programs to children and young adults, aged 6-18, affected by cancer, all FREE of charge.


You can contact Ruth directly at rakavanagh@gmail.com if you wish to make a donation by cash or check. 


We are Stronger than Brain Cancer and at PRIME, Stronger. Than. Ever.


Why PRIME, from Ruth

A few years ago, I had never stepped foot into a spin studio.  I actually first came to PRIME to prepare myself for a nationwide spin event, Cycle for Survival, which raises millions of dollars for rare cancer research through Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.  I won’t lie – I was scared!  I certainly never expected that spinning would become my new addiction, not just making me stronger physically, but stronger mentally and emotionally. 


Due to the side effects of my treatment, I have serious weakness on my left side.  So, I got onto that bike simply hoping to lessen that weakness and build my strength.  Wow!  Did it do so much more!   Once I actually figured out how to get through an entire class (I am not always the most coordinated person), the transformation was almost immediate.  I would lose myself in the music.  I would listen to each instructor, motivating me to pedal harder, to push myself beyond my expectations, and of course, to just have fun.  Sometimes, I even had tears streaming down my face thinking about all I had gone through and how incredibly lucky I was to be on that bike, at that moment, fighting and surviving. In fact, I still can't get through a single class without at least a few tears.


Despite being technically “cancer-free” since my June 2015 surgery, my health is in constant flux.  For example, I frankly couldn’t begin to count how many times I’ve been hospitalized since then.  Yet, my goal is ALWAYS to get back to PRIME and get back on that bike!  Even if Alexa or Julie are literally lifting me onto the bike, which they do, if I’ve made it back to the studio I know I’m on the road to recovery.    


For me, being on that bike at PRIME isn’t just about exercising.  Sure, I sweat and try to tone my physical body.  More importantly though, it reminds me just how strong of a person I am and how I will always fight, no matter what.  Whatever comes my way, “I got this.”           



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