Samer, like Hammer!

Samer is originally from Austin TX, but has lived in Hoboken since December 2017! (Congrats on 6 months!) He was looking for a change since he lived in Texas most of my life, so living outside of NYC made sense in order to work on his tech startup.


Samer started riding at PRIME shortly after he moved, and prior to moving he was an instructor in Austin. He was looking for that community feel, good vibes studio with amazing riders and instructors, so naturally he found us and wanted to join the team!  


To Samer, cycling to the music and being able to move/sweat it out is therapeutic. His goal is to get you to push yourself beyond where you think you can go. We all have things holding us back but it’s being able to push through that and get stronger with your mind and body. You can sweat out whatever you need to sweat out and take those learnings outside the studio.


Things you need to know about him:  


Two things you can’t live without: Pizza and my dog! (We love our doggie dads!)


Favorite holiday:  Thanksgiving because it’s just starting to get cold but it’s not freezing. You eat, spend time with family/friends and are just grateful


Secret passion: Writing motivational pieces to get people to be more balanced!


Favorite place to eat in Hoboken:  Grimaldi's Pizzeria. Typical order is a large cheese pizza extra mozzarella and black olives. YUM!


Currently on your playlist:  Anything with Drake or Beyoncé, lots of hip-hop


Favorite drink:  Local craft beer…but if feeling fancy then an Old Fashioned



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