When to Give Your Body a Break from Working Out!

One of the best things you can do for recovery is to take some downtime; at times your body needs it! While you eat and rest, the body gets to work on repairing tissue damage, strengthening the muscles and making itself a little more efficient and stronger than before.
We’re all taught to keep pushing ourselves in order to reach those fitness goals, and we want our riders to do that however, without proper recover, you can halt your progress.  Taking a rest day doesn’t always mean you have to do nothing; you could take it easy and go through a gentle yoga flow or take a light walk. It’s beneficial to stay active but also to rest – as a result of your rest days, you should be able to crush your ride hard again the following day.
But why is resting so freaking hard?! Not being able to rest when our bodies need it is all mental and we’ve all been there! You won’t magically get out of shape from taking a few days off; this is the time when our muscles recovery and grow. Hard work is done in class but the actual progress happens when we take a break and let our bodies heel.
Here are some things you can do while taking your rest day:
·        Meditate
·        Read
·        Stretch
We love our riders and always want them to keep reaching for their personal fitness goals but with that, everyone also needs to rest and recover.
See you on the bike soon!

What to eat before PRIME

We are always looking for ways to help our riders improve their performance and attain their goals. Good nutrition can help your body perform better and recover faster from after each workout.

So what should you eat in order to continue to have your best ride ever? We are here to tell you how to prepare your body before and after you PRIME. 

Carbs – your muscles use carbs for fuel. Carb stores are your muscles main source of energy

Protein – your muscles use protein for growth, recovery and performance 

Fat – good source of fuel for longer workouts

Depending on when you work out, the timing of food consumption is important.  We recommend eating a full complete meal 2-3 before coming to class or a snack 45-60 min before. We also recommend eating within an hour after class. 

Meal ideas:

·       Whole grain cereal and milk

·       Oatmeal with fruit and almond butter

·       Whole grain bread a nut butter

·       A complete protein shake meal 

·       Egg, toast and greens

Snack ideas:

·       A piece of fruit like a banana or an apple

·       Greek yogurt

·       1 serving of nut butter

·       Egg whites