The Positive Well Rounded Effects Of Prime Cycle...

"If you don't create change, change will create you." -Unknown.

Often we are resistant to change and we don't realize that change itself is constant. Often we avoid changes and prefer to stay in our comfort zones. Change can sometimes be fun, exciting, refreshing and scary. Even the simplest change can impact your life for the better. Read about the positive impact Prime Cycle has had on our #PrimeFitFam from new clients & OG's to a Prime instructor...

::Blossoms Story::
-How did you hear about Prime Cycle and what made you decide to try us out in the beginning?
My sister made me try, even though I was terrified!

-Has Prime Cycle Impacted your life in any way?
Prime has made Hoboken feel like a community and home. It has become my happy place where I don't only go to get a killer workout, but also to see close friends. I always leave feeling positive, stronger and revived

-Do you have a favorite instructor that motivates or inspires you the most?
They're all amazing!! But funny story, Julie is the reason why I became Prime obsessed. I ran into Julie at Shipyard cleaners and recognized her from barre classes. I started talking to her and she convinced me to try Prime again (this was a year after my initial class when prime first opened)... her Party on a Bike literally turned my life around!

-Do or did you have a goal when starting? Either short term or long term?
To make it through the first class!

-Do you have a favorite Prime moment?
                                                                       The 90 minute class!
-What do you love about Prime Cycle?
Literally everything! The people, the intense workout, the communal high, the party on a bike, etc....the community it has turned Hoboken into. I also love how much stronger I've become physically and mentally because of Prime.

::Jonathan's Story::

-How did you hear about Prime Cycle and what made you decide to try us out in the beginning?
I first tried Prime Cycle’s uptown location, but that was well over a year ago. I since moved to Jersey City and needed something a little more convenient. After seeing that a location was opening up near the PATH, I figured that would be a lot easier than trying to get uptown to spin.

-Has Prime Cycle impacted your life in any way?
Of course it has impacted me in a positive way. We have a gym in my apartment building, but some people need the drive of competition or instruction, and I’m definitely one of those people. There have been days when I’m exhausted and don’t think I have the energy to spin for an hour, but once you get going, the adrenaline and the music really do the work for you.

-Do you have a favorite instructor that motivates or inspires you the most?
So far I have taken 2 classes apiece from Caitlin and Alexa, and they each definitely have a way with their cadence that made things easy for me when I was getting back into spin, and also keeps the veterans motivated. (they could be DJ’s when they aren’t spin instructors the way they count down each of the exercises we’re doing) Telling the class what to do and keeping us mentally there must be difficult. There is nothing easy about their classes, but the workout high is very apparent afterward.

-Do or did you have a goal when starting? Either short term or long term?
My short term goal was to shed some pounds before a vacation that I have coming up. So short term I had set a goal of 10 pounds in 3 weeks, which is when we’re leaving. Long term, I’d like to keep it going until I’m down 20.

-Did you have to deal with any challenges within yourself when trying to reach your goals?
My biggest challenge personally has to do with the area, and my love for beer. Between Jersey City & Hoboken, the biggest social activities are predominantly drinking related. Plus I have three roommates, so whether we’re watching sports or playing video games, life is just better with a beer. So the additional challenge I’ve had to give myself is that the next beer I have will be on the plane for vacation.

-Do you have a favorite Prime moment?
That’s easy. This past class (on Taco Tuesday), I finished with 620 in energy in Caitlin’s class. We climbed a hill for what felt like the full 45 minutes. But that number shattered my personal best, so now I have something new to shoot for.

-What do you love about Prime Cycle?
Everyone is there for different reasons, but the end goal is the same. Nobody leaves a class at Prime and says to themselves “I wish I hadn’t done that.” It’s always the same feeling of accomplishment and newfound energy when you’re done. It’s easy to get off a treadmill when you’re tired, but you’re not going to be the one to get off your bike early in a room where everyone else is going through it with you. It pushes you farther than you were planning to go in that hour, but that’s how you get to whatever goals you have set for yourself the quickest.

::Ashley's Story::

-How did you hear about Prime Cycle and what made you decide to try us out in the beginning?
I'd been hearing about Prime Cycle for at least a year and have had friends rave about the studio and their experiences. The timing just wasn't right for me having just had my second baby and frankly not ready to make the commitment to myself. Then the downtown studio opened right when I began my search for a workout studio/type of workout I could love and get into a routine with. I tried a free class with Julie and the rest is history....addicted :)

-Has Prime Cycle Impacted your life in any way?
Prime has absolutely changed my life as an individual feeling like ME again and as a mother with more energy and even wife (what's that saying... happy wife happy life)! I'm allowing time for myself, getting in the best shape of my life and enjoying it all thoroughly while finding Prime to be like a second home for me.17426292_10100365970354592_1206874202224478145_n

-Do you have a favorite instructor that motivates or inspires you the most?
I take classes Monday Wednesday and Friday mornings with Caitlin and Julie. I couldn't imagine better motivators and support to push and encourage me to be my best. I get excited before each class and leave feeling on top of the world.

-Do or did you have a goal when starting? Either short term or long term?
My goals were about getting time for myself back again and becoming the best me for 2017. I've been amazed at how spiritually I've been impacted (yes from a spin class lol) and also watching my body change in just 2 short months losing inches and feeling strong. I'm so happy.

-Do you have a favorite Prime moment?
A favorite Prime moment was the first time I hit a number one spot. It made me realize how strong I can be and I continue to challenge myself each week!

-What do you love about Prime Cycle?
I love the way Prime has become a home for me and bringing my youngest child with me to mini Prime, it's part of our weekly routine. I love the family atmosphere and staff, and of course the class itself which is always challenging, fun and rewarding.

::Niki's Story::FullSizeRender-6
-How did you hear about Prime Cycle and what made you decide to try us out in the beginning?

I heard about Prime through Irina. She brought me to my first class, with Julie, and the rest is history! I was hooked!

-Has Prime Cycle Impacted your life in any way? It has! Irina and I became good friends, as we made plans to meet at Prime regularly. In addition, I finally found a form of cardio (other than swimming) that I LOVE! I look forward to classes. It has become a form of meditation for me, as I enter the room and I truly shut my brain off, and can enjoy the class, the music, the vibe. It's a healthy outlet for life's stresses.FullSizeRender-5_copy-Do you have a favorite instructor that motivates or inspires you the most? Julie had me hooked from the first class!
-Do or did you have a goal when starting? Either short term or long term?
I was hoping to get through a class, and see myself improve. I tried to come to 1-2 classes a week. Now I aim for 5-6 times a week and often see myself in the top 10 of class.

-Do you have a favorite Prime moment?
Ah, a few! The downtown opening with Naughty by Nature was so much fun and great energy!! Also accomplishing the 90 minute ride!
-What do you love about Prime Cycle? Such a great vibe, everyone is super friendly. It's like an extended family. :)

::Alexa D's Story::

-How did you hear about Prime Cycle and what made you decide to try us out in the beginning?
I started to hear about Prime Cycle when it was in the works, before we had a space, before we had a business plan, just when it was an idea. I never imaged this business venture would include me! I was a Health and Physical Education teacher outside of Hoboken who took a front desk job at Prime Cycle while I was on the search for the perfect school to work at more locally. During that first month of employment, I took classes, took part in instructor trainings and soon enough had 1 class on the schedule! From there my involvement, commitment and passion for Prime Cycle grew so large I stopped looking for teaching jobs and focused on a career change.

-Has Prime Cycle Impacted your life in any way?
For a past athlete, where working out was required and expected, it was difficult to figure out how to workout, when to workout and where to get the motivation to workout. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome at 17yrs old and the most important thing to stay in control of my body is physical fitness. College was impossible with a poor diet and lack of motivation to go to the gym. Since starting to take class and instruct at Prime, I have lost 10lbs the healthy way, decreased my medication and improved my symptoms tremendously. I feel more energized and strong day to day but also feel excited to workout and push the riders to get that "cycling high" with me every class!IMG_9329

-Do or did you have a goal when starting? Either short term or long term?
I did not have a goal when being introduced to the cycling world... but that's the best part! You never know where your path with lead, but when you follow a passion and enjoy what you do, everything falls into place without even realizing it! Professionally, physically and/or mentally.

-Do you have a favorite Prime moment?
The first time I ever had a waitlist for class! It was an 11am Sunday Funday ride! That time slot will always have my heart- those riders always killed it!

-What do you love about Prime Cycle?
That it's a family. Prime focuses on making each rider feel successful for every little stride. With the family run management, there is a large support team of staff that are alway there to help!

Instructor Spotlight: Meet Marissa!

"Never Settle. Want it more than you don't!" Coming all the way from West Milford NJ, Marissa, can easily turn a bad day into a good one in the studio. Don't let this kind hearted, funny and positive instructor fool you. She works hard putting together the perfect playlist and routine to give you a killer class. Learn a little more about Marissa below and check her out on the schedule!

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 10.07.32 AMWhy did you choose Prime Cycle to Instruct & have you always wanted to become an instructor?

It has been a dream of mine to instruct using the Madonna mic and the spot light. The first indoor cycling class I took that had those features blew my mind and inspired me to change my life; it was actually Dani's class over a year ago! After that I was determined to make this dream a reality and within that year and a half I lost 85lbs and became a certified instructor.

-What do you love most about Prime Cycle?

I love rhythm riding. Having been a music major in college, music effects me and pushes me during a workout. Being so in tune to the beat influences me to create challenging playlists and motivate riders to never lose the beat. 

-Who or what inspires you to be the best person you can be?

My family constantly inspires me. I have twin little sisters who are my favorite people on this planet and being a positive role model for them drives me to be better everyday.

-Have you always been into fitness?

I have been a tap dancer, believe it or not, since I was 2! And a basketball player since I was 4. So athletics have always played an important role in my life.

-Coming all the way from West Milford, how did you do covering for the 5:45am class & what time did you have to leave?

I had to leave at 4:37 that morning. But I didn't mind it in the slightest! The riders were amazing!!! There were women in that class that reached personal bests, another woman hit 700 power points, which was something she never thought was even possible! Being there for those moments is what this job is about, being able to facilitate change and inspire others to feel safe out of their comfort zones. I know what it feels like to be on a fitness journey and need that push from an instructor to give you the avenue to something you didn't know was possible. A lot of times that happens in the morning when we have the most energy and least amount of distractions. So it was a glorious morning to say the least. I went and got vegan pancakes afterward which was also great.

-What do you do for your 9-5 job?

I am a surgical coordinator. I book assistant surgeons for surgeries in seven different states. But I am applying to law school in the fall so hopefully that becomes the 9-5!

-What's one thing you would like to check off your bucket list?

I would love to drive across Mexico; I love driving, I love road tripping. I've driven across the U.S. twice since graduating and have seen the top and bottom. But I would love to do the same to other countries. Mexico specifically because I grew up fluent in Spanish because my dad went to medical school there. I would love to see where he went to school but also experience the culture from coast to coast.

-Who's your favorite artist today?

My favorite musical artist today, tough question because that does vary daily. But today I will say it is Divinity Roxx. She's the artist who does the opening tune to my latest playlist. She was the musical director for Beyoncé and her bass player. As a fellow lady bass player, I love her music and her approach to bass playing with the theme of "rock hip hop". (if you haven't noticed that theme also trends in my rides) So I recommend her music to everyone, she's a truly inspiring artist.

-What do you do on your down time?

I don't really believe in down time. I am constantly training and practicing new rides in order to stay a step above my riders. Each week they get stronger and faster and I expect to do no less myself. But I love to read. I try to read a book a week. It's important to me to work both my mind and my body.

-Whats your favorite color?

Pink, honestly. Gotta love pink.

-One awesome fact about you...

I can play 14 different instruments.

-Do you prefer hills, sprints or jogs?

I've always been extremely strong so hills come easier, which is why I love jogs because they are a difficult mix of endurance and strength. The song "Gold" by Kiiara is an endurance tune I love because it is quick but not quick enough to sprint through. Staying out of the saddle the whole ride takes core strength, leg speed and leg strength. Tough combo!

-Push up or tap back?

I love my presses, I really do. But tap backs are so fun and make me feel like I'm dancing. I like to teach the form of the tap back so that everyone can get the most out of the motion because it is a tough move but when done right there is a lot to be gained. I tell my riders "I like to pretend I have a cup of tea on my shoulders, so my chest never dips down and my shoulders never drop." That control of the body, that precision is difficult but worth attaining.

Check out Marissa every Tuesday night at 7:30pm Uptown!  She will also be subbing for Abbey...

4/11 7AM Uptown
4/13 7AM Uptown
4/14 6PM Downtown
4/18 7AM UPTOWNFB_IMG_1491489566397

Planking For A Stronger Core...

Keep your core engaged riders! It's a common word you'll here in the studio from our instructors. A strong core is the fundamental part of cycling. While your legs are the major source of power in cycling, the muscles that make up your core are the foundation. It's important to incorporate core exercises into your workout regime to become a stronger rider and to prevent injuries. One of the best core excerises you can do riders, is PLANKING! Check out below how to properly plank and why this full body core exercise is a winner in our studio...

plank1_copyThe plank is one of the best exercises for core conditioning (your core runs from the top of your shoulders all the way down to your hips) but also works your glutes and hamstrings, supports proper posture, and improves balance. A strong core will help with climbing, sprinting, jogs and even help your posture. 

How To Do The Front Plank:
Lie on your stomach and put your elbows underneath your shoulders. Place your palms face down in front of you and rise up, so you support yourself using only your forearms and your toes. Make sure you keep you do not drop your head or hips. As you gain strength in your abs, back, shoulders, chest, quads, glutes and calves, you'll be able to hold the pose for a minute or longer.

What Muscles Am I Using?
Supporting yourself with only your forearms and toes forces the rectus and transversus abdominis of the abs, the erector spinae, trapezius and rhomboids of the back, the rotator cuff and deltoids of the shoulders, the pectorals and serratus anterior of the chest, the quadriceps and gastrocnemius of the legs and, finally, the gluteus maximus to contract and exert force. Like all strength moves,  the more you perform the plank, the stronger these muscles will become riders.

.:.The Plank has many variations that will help build your core even stronger. Once you have mastered the front plank you can move on to these variations...

Plank With Leg Raise- Start in the plank position.slowly raise one leg about 5-8 inches off the ground. Counting for 3 then returning back to to the floor. Count for 2 then raise your other leg doing the same you did on the other leg. Try doing this for about a minute, keeping your core engaged and making sure your hips don't drag down.

Side_plankSide Plank- Start on your side with your feet together and one forearm directly below your shoulder. Contract your core and raise your hips until your body is in a straight line from head to toe. Hold the position without dropping your hips for the desired time for each set. (30 seconds on each side)

Happy Planking Riders!

Healthy Places In The Mile Square To Grab A Quick Bite To Eat....

We made it through the (somewhat) cold winter and it is finally Spring riders! With nicer weather coming in and the March Madness Hype, it’s hard to stay on a healthy routine. After a long week of work, sometimes you just want to enjoy your weekend, leaving no time to meal prep for the upcoming week. We all have been there but it’s great to live in a town that gives you an amazing selection of healthy options. Check out our three favorite places to grab a quick bite to eat that won't hurt your waistline...

 Honeygrow {120 Washington St.}FullSizeRender 2_copy
Orginally based in Philly, Honeygrow offers you a great selection of locally sourced healthy options. Giving you the choice to personally build your order on the touchpad, allowing time to carefully select your fresh organic ingredients. I always go with making my own salad, giving you a choice of 2 base options (greens, noodles or wheat berries) to start with. With an impressive assortment of proteins to help fill you up and extra add ins to make your salad extra special. This place knows what they are doing when it comes to eating healthy. Have a sweat tooth? They also have a scrumptious honeybar with local honey, organic fruits and local yogurt to fulfill your craving. 

Total Nutrition Kitchen {322 Washington St.}FullSizeRender_copy25
Looking for a place that carefully measures out your meals so you have the right amount of calories, protein, fats and carbohydrates? Total Nutrition Kitchen (also known as TNK) is the go to place in town for that. TNK offers you a meal prep plan that is right for you, giving you 1, 2 or 3 meals a day to keep you on track. Ranging from Protein pancakes, acai bowls, juices, salads, wraps and even yummy Korean style turkey meatballs with mashed sweet potatoes. (yes please!) Total nutrition kitchen isn’t kidding around with their successful healthy eating system. Bonus: They have protein Hot chocolate, yes and it’s amazing!


ReJuice A Nation {64 Newark St.}o
Conveniently close to our downtown location, ReJuice A Nation, is a great place for a quick pick up before heading into work. Ranging from Juices, power smoothies, sandwiches, pitaya & acai bowls, soups and you can even customize your own salad. I have become a huge fan of their customized salads and Juices when I’m on the go. They are quick and the price is reasonable. ReJuice A nation also sells protein bars for a great post workout snack along with a Juice. Try the Formula 1 Juice, with wheatgrass, carrot, celery, beet and cucumber for a refreshing post spin class beverage!

                            Keep Calm Riders, Spring is finally here!

February Challenge Winners...

In 28 days, they docked 15 rides, two 60 min (or MORE) classes and even a selfie in the studio. These fierce riders completed the February challenge, gaining a new Prime Cycle Hoodie and gift card to the studio. Check out below how your fellow Prime buddies dominated the challenge...

What motivated you to achieve the challenge?

"Holding myself accountable to meet the expectations of the challenge." -MG

"The awesome sweatshirt obviously. But most of the credit can go to my instructor Dani. So far I haven't found another human who's instructing style, positive vibes and amazing playlists can motivate me more than hers." -KS 

"The prizes, duh!!! But seriously, myself. I pushed myself everyday and did the challenge for me. Even when I had a long and busy day at school, I made sure to stay committed to the challenge and to myself."-SR

"I guess there’s a few things: the very interesting classes, the lost weight and I like cycling challenges" -MM

"I've been doing Prime Cycle classes for a little over two years now, so it's always fun to have a challenge to change up my routine. The prizes were also a nice motivational perk!" -SW

Did you have to preplan your workouts to be successful or were the 15 rides part of your normal workout schedule?

" Early in the month I made a personal goal to sign up for all of the classes Dani teaches in a week, before the end of February, so I did have to make sure to pre-plan for those. but otherwise there are so many classes offered now that it was easy to find enough classes that fit into my schedule." -SW

"My plan (only in my mind) for February was to go three or four times a week. With the challenge i planned my classes in outlook to make sure i make the 15 classes, the 2 classes with 60 min and don’t go more then 2 days in row." -MM

"I had to preplan my workouts in my planner due to my busy schedule as a Kindergarten teacher. I'm already a planner, so if I didn't have them penciled in, it was hard to make it to my class. But I made sure to make time for myself, especially in my planner!" -SR

"I always try and pre book my workouts at the beginning of the week so I know that I'm guaranteed a spot in the class. It also helps me stay accountable knowing it's already on my schedule." -KS

"Normal. I will say I loved the theme rides in addition to the challenge rides" -MG

At any point did you find the goal untamable or did you feel like you needed a break?

"In the middle of the challenge I started to feel tired, but I kept reminding myself of the end goal, to get stronger. At the final stretch, I felt more determined to complete the challenge." -SR

"I thought the goal was challenging, but attainable." -SW

"Achievable. The point was to push ourselves out of our comfort zones." -MG

"There were definitely points (especially after Prime Power 60 classes) where my body felt like it needed a break. I think the key is just to listen to your body and give it the rest it needs even if your brain says keep going!" -KS

"With my Plan of not going 2 days in a row definitely helped" -MM

Did the challenge guidelines keep you on track during the month of February?

"Yes definitely. I was even able to squeeze in a few extra!" -KS

"Yea, the guidelines was helpful. Otherwise maybe i would go out more times with colleagues and drink some more beers ;)" -MM

"I liked the guidelines because it helped me explore some new classes that I might have not taken otherwise, and I liked that they were flexible enough that I could make my own plan to complete the challenge." -SW

"Yes, I thought the challenge guidelines pushed me and even made me get out of my comfort zone (especially posting a picture on social media). But I liked how you had to take other classes to complete the challenge." -SR

Would you like to see another challenge in the future?

"YES!!!" -MG

"I'm always up for a challenge and would love to see more in the coming months." -KS

"Absolutely! It's always nice to have a goal to work toward, and the prizes make it even better!" -SW

"Yes! I would love to do another challenge. I thought it was great to have one in the winter because we tend to stay inside and become less motivated to work out, but a summer challenge would be motivational too!" -SR

"If i come back to Jersey, yes would be great have a challenge again!" -MM (From Bavaria)


Come Ride For a Good Cause & Help our girl, Kaseedee, Get To The Boston Marathon...

On March 25th join us here at Prime Cycle Downtown with Kaseedee Jermain, as she raises money to reach her goal For The Boston Marathon. For $35, not only will you have an amazing ride on the bike with our instructor Ashley, but you will also get to enjoy mimosas, Lole Trunk show & raffles! All proceeds go to her charity, 261 Fearless. Read below how Kaseedee is preparing for her 8th Marathon!

-How did you get into running marathons?

I started running shorter races like 5k and 10k. I posted on Facebook about them to which someone told me I would never be a "real runner." I was not built to run, well that didn't sit well with me so I signed up for my first marathon just to prove a point. There is no such thing as a "real runner', if you get out there and run you are a "real runner." It doesn't matter how fast or slow you go!

-How many Marathons have you done? Do you have a favorite?
I have run 7 marathons so far, NJ Marathon, NYC (3 times) and Buffalo (2 times). NYC is always an amazing time, it's my home turf now, the energy is amazing......the streets really do come alive. I'm excited to be in for my 4th NYC in 2017! But Buffalo holds the key to my heart, it's my birthday weekend, and I get to go back home, run and see my family. NJ is also amazing, it literally finishes on the BEACH!!!!! I guess they all have their awesome parts but I am beyond excited for the opportunity to run Boston in April.

-Have you always been into fitness?
I haven't always been into fitness; growing up we never really talked about health and fitness. It wasn't until after my son was born when I maxed out at almost 300lbs that I knew something had to change and I started hitting the gym, then picked up running (mainly because someone said I'd never be able to do it).

-Who or what motivates you?
What motivates me? I have so many things that keep me going during those 26 miles......when I run for a charity I run for one I can throw my whole heart into; 261 Fearless is such an amazing organization. Kathrine's story truly shows that you can do whatever you put your mind to no matter what odds are stacked against you, if you get a chance you must read her book! But more importantly, I run to inspire my son to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep moving, keep trying new things and keep pushing! I want him to know that you can do anything! I also run for a group called 'I Run 4' which pairs runners with special needs children and adults....I was paired with a sweet boy in Texas who inspires me everyday!

-What charity are you running for The Boston Marathon?
I am running for 261 Fearless, the non-profit started by Kathrine Switzer (the first woman to finish Boston as a registered participant, which was not well received by the race director who tried to physically remove her from the course.) If it weren't for the actions of Kathrine and her friends, women would still not be allowed to run marathons! This is the 50th anniversary of that race and at the young age of 70 she will be running! 261 FEARLESS, INC. IS A GLOBAL COMMUNITY OF WOMEN, BE SHE A WALKER, JOGGER AND RUNNER, WHO HAVE FOUND STRENGTH, POWER AND FEARLESSNESS FROM PUTTING ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER. This strength has allowed her to overcome doubt and adversity in her life and she has the ability and desire to give encouragement to other women who want to take on their personal challenges through running or walking.
This is welcoming place for women who want to become runners and walkers to find their fearless through the connection with others. We are here because sometimes you just need to know you are not alone. This is the true essence of 261 Fearless - women supporting women.
We connect personally in our localized 261 Fearless running Clubs and virtually through social media as @261Fearless and through private, member forums. Our network allows for multi-cultural connection and global communication among women.

-Tell us about your charity ride at Prime Cycle and who's teaching?
My charity ride is March 25th and Ashley will be teaching. For $35 participants will get a spot in class, gift bag, raffle entries (extra entries will be available for purchase), mimosas, light refreshments and a trunk show by Lole Women (a fitness apparel company with a store in SOHO) where you will be able to shop at a discount!!!

-How's your training going?
I'm actually trying something a bit different with my training this year and adding more cycling in to help save my aging knees. I'm still hitting the pavement but also thinking more about my body as I go, more strength, core work (my go to is pilates) and cycling.

-What's your favorite song or artist to run to?
I love running to music but I have to be really careful what is on my playlist, every now and then I get lost in a song and realize I get going a bit too fast LOL.......I'm always changing my playlist and it's such a crazy mix, you never know what you will get......gansta rap, Brittney Spears and yes even the Biebs (but don't tell LOL)

Prime Cycle is so excited to host this Charity Ride and help Prime employee, Kaseedee, reach her fundraising goal for 261 Fearless and give her confidence and support for her first Boston Marathon!

Email to register today!!

2nd Annual Wellness Day is HERE at Prime Cycle

The Wellness day team (1)The 2nd Annual Wellness Day 2017 will take place at Prime Cycle Uptown on Saturday March 18th from 12:30 - 3:30p.

What is Wellness Day?

Starting your day with a pre workout snack, Inna Topiler Mooney and Alyssa Cellini will provide you with a 1-hour Nutrition Session. They will cover topics ranging from cleansing, juicing, detoxing, fad diets, shake regiments, pre/post workout food strategies and answer all of our food and nutrition questions!  

Next, we will get your heart pumping and endorphins flowing with a 45-min Prime Ride with Prime Instructor Julie I. 

Following the ride to finish the day, a 1-hour Life Coach session with Stefanie Ziev. In her user friendly approach to coaching, she will cover topics we can all relate to from our relationships to our careers helping us focus on what we want, why we want it and how we can get it!

CLICK and Read more about our guest speakers!
Stefanie Ziev - Life Coach
Alyssa Cellini - Nutritionist
Inna Tropiler - MS, CNS

Below are two testimonials from clients who participated in Wellness Day 2016. To book your reservation for just $50, email

Debbie S
Last year's wellness day at Prime Cycle was one of the best spent winter Saturday's I've had in a while. I really enjoyed listening to the life coach and the class was amazing as always, but my favorite part was the nutritionists Alyssa and Inna presentation from Complete Nutrition and Wellness. They really spoke to me and since last January I made it a priority to change my diet and eating habits- 15 lbs later, with the help of them and their one size does not fit all on diet and lifestyle mentality I have finally learned how to eat for my body and live my life!

Sara A
Last year I attended Prime Cycle's first Wellness Day Event, and found it literally life changing! Not only did I get an awesome workout, but I also got to speak with Life Coach Stefanie Ziev. Her words inspired and resinated with me so much that I immediately signed up for sessions. Within 4 months of our first meeting, I accomplished 3 major goals: Buying a home in Hoboken, starting a healthy pregnancy, and finding a mentally fulfilling and challenging job. Setting weekly goals with Stefanie pushed me to finding my new job that leaves me satisfied and smiling every time I walk out the door. With that out of the way, I then focused on moving to a more urban and family friendly neighborhood also known as Hoboken, NJ. Only a couple months of house hunting, and my husband I and found ourselves in bidding wars that seemed hopeless. Talking through it with Stefanie, I began to understand more clearly what was most important to me and my husband in a home. Just a couple short weeks later we found our home! After moving into our quaint Hoboken abode, I found myself blissfully pregnant and we had our first baby in February. My life has changed so much since that cold winter day when I walked into Prime Cycle's Wellness Event. With so much on the horizon, I am excited for whatever comes next!

Breath And Relax Ourselves For Better Performance...

Feeling stressed or tense lately? Prime Instructor, Ava, gave us some pointers on breathing and how to relax ourselves for better performance. Read below & enjoy a challenging Hybrid Class every Wednesday, Downtown at 12:15pm to reset mid day and finish your week strong and positive!

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 10.06.15 AMWe live by the work hard play hard attitude, especially around the Tri-State Area. The technology that’s available to us makes our lives easier but also much faster and more stressed. We work long hours and love participating in intense activities and workouts. How can we make sure that our lives and how we live will work for us not against us? After all, how much more stress and demand can we put on ourselves. It is important to not only balance our lives but our workouts too! 

Using relaxation techniques and the breath is becoming more important than ever before. Through those we honor our body’s needs to rest, recover and restore.

First, let’s take a look at what happens to the body when we are under constant stress:
-It causes muscle tension that can also trigger tension headaches, migraines, chronic muscle tension in the shoulders, neck, and head.
-As the fight or flight response kicks in, long term, ongoing stress increases the risk for hypertension, heart attack or stroke.
-The adrenal glands and liver work much harder, and we can develop anxiety, panic disorders, insulin resistance or diabetes.
-Some individuals tend to eat or drink more alcohol, which can eventually cause acid reflux, stomach ulcers.
-Stress affects how we view the world. Under a lot of pressure, we become more protective over what we know and less accepting to change. Life and growth come with change. ---Fear makes growing and improving much harder, if not impossible.
-It is hard to lose weight.  

Stress management, breathing, and relaxation techniques are an important part of my weight loss programs.

Now let’s see how the breath and relaxation can help you to recenter your body and lower your stress:

When we are stressed, we take shallow breaths, breathing into the upper chest area, which reduces the oxygen levels and puts the body in an alarm mode. Diaphragm muscle is used when we breathe correctly. As we inhale the diaphragm moves downward, increases the space in the chest cavity, giving space for the lungs to expand. As we exhale, the muscle goes back to its dome shape and pushes the air up and out of the lungs. It does not only helps us to take in more oxygen but also relaxes the nervous system.

Stress and emotions can change the breath, but it is possible to change our emotional and mental state with the help of our breath. It is amazing how much more control we have over how we feel than we believe so.

As we calm our nervous system, our body and mind become more relaxed too. When we are relaxed we see the world from a more positive perspective; it is easier to resolve problems, accept and go through challenges, we have more joy and ease in our lives.

Learning to breathe and giving your body the time to relax greatly benefits your fitness performance, weight loss goals, the quality of your life and your general wellbeing.

Knowing this, we wanted to give you a chance to get your workout in and reset every Wednesday at 12:15 pm with a Hybrid class at the downtown location. The class starts with a challenging 35 minutes ride and 10 minutes breathing and relaxation to make the workout well rounded.

Cycling and Pregnancy...A Fitness Match in Mommy Heaven

You already know that exercise is good for you, but it's especially beneficial when you're pregnant. I sat down with personal trainers and our instructors here at Prime Cycle, Ava K  (Annette Lang - Pre and Postnatal Certification) and Dani I (Pre-and Post-Natal American Council on Exercise Certification, ACE), on why exercise benefits you and your baby...

FullSizeRender_copy22Regular exercise during pregnancy benefits you and your baby in these key ways:

~Reduces back pain

~Eases constipation
~May decrease your risk of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and cesarean delivery
~Promotes healthy weight gain during pregnancy
~Improves your overall general fitness and strengthens your heart and blood vessels
~Helps you to lose the baby weight after your baby is born 

  -American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

It is recommended that moms stick to the same exercise routine before their pregnancy. If you would like to start taking indoor cycling classes or you are a novice rider make sure to follow the guidelines bellow to keep you and your baby safe.

-First things first, get your doctor's clearance to work out.

-Talk to your instructor and tell her that you are pregnant. Your instructor will help you set up you bike accordingly. Elevate your handlebar to keep your back safe.

-At the beginning of your pregnancy, most likely you won't have problems with getting up from the saddle. As you progress, it is going to become more challenging because your center of gravity changes. Stay in the saddle when you get to this point. This is also true if you are a beginner. If you do not feel comfortable getting up, take care of yourself. Always honor your body and do what feels right for you.

-Indoor cycling classes can be very intense. No matter how hard other riders work, hold the space for yourself and make sure you could carry on a conversation throughout the whole class. It might be challenging to be in a class without pushing with the other riders. No matter what the instructor screams out, stay in your comfort zone.

-Stay hydrated and make sure you are not getting overheated. Wear layers, loose and light clothes.

sarah-There are going to be days when you can work harder, and there are going to be days when you will be hardly working. Pay attention to what you, your body and your baby needs and be flexible with your workout output.

-Wearing a heart rate monitor can be beneficial to monitor your exertion during class. The guideline used to be to not exceed 140 BPM. Today heart rate limits aren't typically imposed. Nevertheless, get clearance from your doctor before coming into the studio and let your instructor know that you're pregnant.

-Choose a bike that is near a walkway or exit so that you can easily get off the bike if you should need to go to the bathroom or get fresh air.

-Cycling studios can become hot and humid so make sure to choose a bike near a fan. You can always call Prime ahead of time and ask to be put on a bike in a well ventilated part of the room.

-Listening to your body can't be stressed enough- if you're an avid exerciser prior to pregnancy you may have to pull back depending on how you feel- sometimes changes are gradual other times they're quick. Check in with yourself and be honest about how you feel. Be present.

-Your balance, fatigue level and respiration will all be affected as pregnancy continues, you will have to make adjustments to accommodate those changes. Some women cycle all the way through pregnancy and others can't. It's an individual experience so honor it and pay attention to what your body and baby tell you.
                                                    Happy Riding Mommies & Mommies to be!

P.S. I Love You Day

One of our instructors here at Prime Cycle, Alex K, is raising awareness for P.S. I Love You Day. Her sorority sister, Brooke DiPalma, started the non-profit after her father committed suicide. Every 2nd Friday of February is PS I Love You day and everyone is encouraged to talk about bullying, depression, and suicide and wear purple across the country. There is a program for students of all grade levels across the country that participate - this year over 100 schools will take part in PS I Love You Day on Feb 10th.

PS I Love You Day Logo_copyMission Statement:
Telling someone P.S. I Love You, can change their day from being horrible to amazing, and can even save their life. Spread the Love. Brooke and her family are aiming to have 70,000 people wear purple on February 10th-around the world.

Donations are never required, but they ask that if you do fundraise within your community, you donate 50% back into your program to help P.S. I Love You Day 2017, 25% to your local Suicide Prevention organization, and 25% to P.S. I Love You Day Inc. to help begin a scholarship fund for students who have participated in
P.S. I Love You Day. 

Checks for the cause can be made out to P.S. I Love You Day, Inc. and activity ideas, materials, or personal letters can be sent to:

                                                                    P.S. I Love You Day, Inc.
                                                                             P.O. Box 435
                                                                      West Islip, NY 11795
                                                  or emailed to

Learn more information about P.S. I Love You Day by clicking on the link

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